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NH House Tables Education Tax Credit Scholarship Repeal


The New Hampshire House has table HB632. The Democrat-sponsored repeal of the Education tax credit scholarship program. A bill that helps hundreds of low-income students afford tuition at private schools around the state. But the Bill is still very much alive and we need your help.

The Left’s support for repeal of this program from is legion. They’ve been trying to kill it since it was signed into law. They took it to court and lost.

They’ve proposed repeal in the past but lacked a majority to get it through. Now that Democrats have their temporary majority, the bill, the committee approval, and it seemed like only a veto by Gov. Sununu would stop it.

That may still be the case.

The Full House voted 332-19 to table it: this means they can take it up at any date in the future should they choose, but the task becomes more difficult the longer they wait. Michelle Levell from School Choice for NH writes,

The House has until Thursday at midnight to take the bill off the Table with only 50% +1 of the vote. After Thursday at midnight, they will need 2/3 of the vote to take it off the Table and vote on it. The fight isn’t over!! Keep calling and emailing your state reps, urging them to #SaveOurScholarships and vote AGAINST HB 632.

Follow this link for more details and contact info.

The Education Tax Credit Scholarship Repeal Bill has been tabled. But as Michelle points out, this is not over. Now is the time to reach out and ask your State House Representatives politely to protect a scholarship program that allows hundreds of New Hampshire kids to find better schools and better fits for their education needs.

You can find your rep at the link as well as a contact form. You can help save our education scholarship program.

Ask them to vote against taking it off the table. If the bill is brought back, ask them to vote against passing this repeal.