NH Democrats New "Illegal Drinking Straw" Hotline - Cost: $93,000.00 a Year to Start - Granite Grok

NH Democrats New “Illegal Drinking Straw” Hotline – Cost: $93,000.00 a Year to Start

Drinking-Straw-Ban Soda Ice cream

The Democrats Single-Use Plastics ban bill I wrote about in January was too much too soon so it was retained in committee. But fear not ignorant consumers. The Democrats have backups. Including a Bill to “protect you” from the dangers of single-use plastic Drinking straws.

Why? Because it will make them feel better about themselves. And nothing makes a Democrat feel better than banning guns, sorry, I mean prohibiting or limiting your rights. Wait! What I’m talking about here are everyday objects the narrative machine has labeled as environmental Hitlers. Evil!

The Democratic-Socialists in Concord want to prohibit, prevent, stop, ANY public food-service business from giving you a plastic drinking straw

Enforcement.  This section shall be enforced by the department or any law enforcement officer having jurisdiction in the area in which the violation occurs.  The first and second violations of RSA 149-M:62 shall result in a notice of violation, and any subsequent violation shall be punishable by a fine of $25 for each day the food service business is in violation, but not to exceed $300 annually.

“Excuse me, mam. Did you ask for that drinking straw?”

Not to worry. The police officers in your town won’t have to patrol the soda shop, bistro, coffee-bar, or local drive-thru – though I suspect such stakeouts would make it easier to grab a bite. The bill requires,

“rules, pursuant to RSA 541-A, relative to providing food service businesses with a sticker or sign to be posted advising customers of the plastic straw policy; for providing the public with a telephone number to be used to report violations; and for other purposes of this subdivision.”

When you, concerned citizen,  see a “violation” you can call the Democrats straw-nazi hotline and rat-out your local job creators over a f**cking plastic straw.

And, no, that is not a free call.

The Department of Environmental Services assumes it would incur costs to adopt rules, provide enforcement, outreach and education.  The Department assumes it would need to hire and additional full-time Program Specialist III at labor grade 23 at an estimated annual cost of $93,000 in  FY 2020, $95,000 in FY 2021, $99,000 in FY 2022 and $100,000 in FY 2023.  In addition, the Department assumes there would be an indeterminable increase in expenditures to county and local government for enforcement of the provisions of the bill.

By 2023 taxpayers will be paying $100,000.00 dollars a year to the Department of Environmental Services Minister of Single-Use-Plastics. The Straw Nazi. Just in case pimply-faced new-kid accidentally hands a drinking straw to a customer because they ordered a beverage that is nearly impossible to consume without one. A feel-good policy that will make absolutely no difference.

Democratic-Socialist Government at work. (replaced image with the more useful video)

Updated: Tweaked the title. Not technically an illegal use but illegal distribution.