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New Hampshire’s Democrat-Lead Legislature Passes an Income Tax


by Elliot Axelman

On Tuesday, March 19th, the Democrat-controlled House passed SB1, the state income tax bill that passed the State Senate last month. Democrats introduced the same bill last year, but could not pass it in the Senate due to the Republicans controlling the chamber. Fortunately for us, Republicans do not love taxes as much as Democrats do. This year, the bill will reach Governor Sununu’s desk, where it will likely face a veto.

The legislation utilizes many tried and true socialist strategies to finally bring an income tax to New Hampshire: The bill tugs the heartstrings of every citizen by claiming to use a tax to fund a critical service for the children, new mothers, and the sick, old, and poor. Instead of using the word ‘tax,’ the authors use the term ‘premium,’ as in ‘insurance premium.’ They don’t call it a welfare program, they call it an ‘insurance program’ administered by the government. This also helps to mitigate the negative connotation associated with an income tax in the Live Free or Die State.

It’s a Tax on Income

The Legislation would use a 0.5% tax on income/payroll to fund a program which would pay out weekly benefits so that new mothers and those caring for sick or injured relatives could be paid without working. Though the tax is based on a percentage of one’s income, the benefit has a lower and upper limit. This makes the horrible tax-funded program into a redistribution of wealth program.

The socialist bill technically creates a payroll tax. This is the exact same thing as an income tax, but it’s even more horrible than a simple income tax would be. Because the language requires that employers pay the tax, it will not appear on each individual’s paycheck. This means that thousands of Granite State workers will remain unaware of this new tax.

Additionally, all government employees are exempt from this tax, by default. This is due to their employer not being legally required to pay the government a tax – because their employer is the government! If this bill created a standard income tax, government employees would be forced to pay the tax, and they would not want that to happen. Taxes and socialism are for the people, not the government agents.

Wait, There’s More!

On Tuesday, this was not even one of the worst three bills to pass the Democratic State House. Radical Democrats also passed a ban on plastic bags, a mandatory waiting period of 7 business days before a person could take possession of a legally purchased firearm from a licensed dealer after passing an enhanced background check, and it made private sales of firearms illegal. Democrats also passed a bill which would make it a crime to offer a plastic straw to a customer.

If you don’t want to see more of these bills, make sure to remove the Democrats from the government in 2020.