Merrimack's Murphy, Rung, Stack, Thomas, and 99% Of NH House Democrats Choose Drug Traffickers over Your Kids - Granite Grok

Merrimack’s Murphy, Rung, Stack, Thomas, and 99% Of NH House Democrats Choose Drug Traffickers over Your Kids


All four of Merrimack’s Democrat House reps and 99% of all voting Democrats chose to allow sanctuary cities in the GraniteState this week. As you may know, Sanctuary cities are targeted by international narco-terrorists to traffic drugs like heroin and Fentanyl.

New Hampshire’s Opioid Crisis began when Democrats supported President Obama’s executive orders on DACA and open borders.  Lawrence Massachusetts, a sanctuary city just across our southern border, became the epicenter for trafficking drugs into New Hampshire.

Thousands of our family members, including kids, have died or been poisoned with addiction as a result of these policies. A massive raid in Lawrence just a year ago netted dozens of drug traffickers. That includes illegal alien ring leaders who had been running drugs and gangs out of Lawrence.

To prevent that sort of free reign to poison our kids NH House Republicans (including Merrimack Rep Jeanine Notter) proposed HB232.

This bill establishes the New Hampshire anti-sanctuary act, which requires state and local government entities to comply with federal immigration detainer requests. The bill also prohibits state and local government entities from adopting policies that prohibit, restrict, or discourage the enforcement of federal immigration law.

NH Democrats Say Keep It Coming

HB232 would send a message that New Hampshire towns are unwilling to become way-stations for drugs and human trafficking, but all of Merrimack’s Democrat House Reps voted to kill the bill. 99% of Democrats voting opposed it.

Democrats Nancy Murphy, Rosemarie Rung, Kathryn Stack, and Wendy Thomas chose drug traffickers over your kids. Just like national Democrats.

A Yea Vote is to Kill the Bill

House Rep Party County District Vote
Murphy, Nancy Democrat Hillsborough 21 Yea
Rung, Rosemarie Democrat Hillsborough 21 Yea
Stack, Kathryn Democrat Hillsborough 21 Yea
Thomas, Wendy Democrat Hillsborough 21 Yea

Closing Thought: Sanctuary catch and release policies are a violation of federal law. If she is so concerned with following the rules and setting a good example for the kids how could Rosemarie Rung vote to protect the practice? 

Closing thought #2: All Four of Merrimack’s Democrats voted to raise or create new taxes on all five of the bills reported here.

Update: An earlier version named Lowell Massachusetts when it should have been Lawrence.