House Democrats Keep Their Promise to Tax The Crap Out of New Hampshire

NH tax taxes Democrat taxes

Democrats are raising your taxes. I know, I know, water is wet, the sky is blue, and Democrats raise taxes. We warned New Hampshire. We have reported on some of the committee sessions that pushed out tax increases.  And this week the full House voted on five of them.

One-hundred percent of House Democrats (100%) approved a new tax on your income that is, in fact, an income tax (HB712). A new capital gains tax (HB686) received the support of 97% of New Hampshire Democrats.

HB623 raises a new tax on job creators: 99% Democrat support. And the Left felt the need to add a new tax that allows local towns to collect an additional occupancy fee (HB641) on top of the existing rooms tax: 94% of them supported that new levy.

Vaping, which can be directly connected to a remarkable decrease in cancer rates got a tax too. Wouldn’t want to encourage that. HB680 won 94% of House Democrat support.

That’s five new or expanded taxes. An average of 97% of elected Democrats voted to take more of your money. And they’ve only just begun.

Update: Forgot one. HB682. This bill doubles or even triples fees charged to create a new fund. Ninety-eight percent of Democrats voted for that.