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Local Girl Scout Won Highest Honor for Promoting Abortion


A lot of people stopped buying the cookies years ago. Why? The Girl Scouts are all-in on abortion. And what better way to affirm that commitment than by handing out a gold award (their highest honor) for a project on abortion.

The Importance of Equal Accessibility in Health Care.” After researching bills that limit women’s access to health care, she hosted a Young Women’s Health Expo in Nashua on April 15, to highlight research on reproductive health and the importance of equal access to health care, at which U.S. Sen. Maggie Hassan (D-NH) was the keynote speaker.

“I wanted to empower women to speak up for their rights, and encourage them to make a difference,” [she] said in her project submission. “Many people think that if a problem does not affect them, then it is not a real problem.”

And she is not the only one.

A Real Problem in NH People Don’t See

I’d like to see someone research why New Hampshire does not require that data be kept on the “medical procedures” women “undergo” at New Hampshire’s ‘Women’s Health Care Centers.’  New Hampshire Democrats, many of them women, have blocked every effort to require reporting on the numbers and types of procedures.

Why would a movement and a party that is so proud of how it empowers women and defends their right to abortion keep all that ‘good news’ hidden from the CDC and the general public?

  • Is there a truly brave girl interested in plumbing this contradiction?
  • Would the Girl Scouts give her a gold award for investing 80 hours on the project?
  • Which elected Democrat women from New Hamshire would appear at the presentation to honor it?

The answers are probably no, no, and none. But she’d learn a thing or two about Democrat women, abortion, and politics.

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