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Kamala Harris: ‘You Can Judge a Society By the Way It Treats Its Children’

Kamala Harris

Democrat Kamala Harris has made ‘funding an adequate education‘ a presidential primary issue. Teachers don’t make enough money. Taxpayers don’t care enough about other people’s kids. And my favorite “You can judge a society by the way it treats its children.”

A society that executes children at birth, for example?

It’s Always About the Politics and the Power

Democrats do not care about children beyond their political value. They do care about unions. Harris concern comes in part after a number of teachers unions have gone on strike. Union Teachers vote for Democrats. Democrats push for more spending on education. The output of which has been in decline for decades.

There is no connection between money and learning in public education. None.

My town spends over 75 million a year to educate about 4200 kids, for one year. Ignoring that this price tag rises every year every student entering kindergarten this year will cost my town a quarter of a million dollars before they get that High School Diploma.

Money is not a problem.

Democrats are the problem. Public Unions are the Problem. Government oversight is the problem. The public education experiment is a failure. The Democrat response and this is more than doubly-so for New Hampshire Democrats, is to throw more of your money at people who will vote overwhelmingly vote Democrat.

That’s not an accident.

Instead of pondering the cost of an adequate education we should be asking taxpayers how much more it will cost to achieve ‘adequate government.’

How much more will it take? Is there such a thing as too much?

Where can private sector resources compete to provide better results and better value? What are Democrats who fight against these reforms protecting and why?

Do more with Less Because Less is More

The only hope taxpayers have of preventing the state from consuming every penny they make is to have the government do less. The only hope children have at receiving the education Kamala Harris claims they deserve is to break the public school monopoly.

But no Democrat will ever willingly allow that to happen because what Harris really means is “that you can judge a society by the way it funds its government.”

When it comes to funding government, of which Public Education is a part, there is no such thing as enough.