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‘Hold The Line’ Micro–Interview: NH State Rep John Burt

John Burt wearing assault pearls

This past Saturday, before the Women’s Defense League of NH held its Fifth Annual Gun Rally on the State House Plaza I spoke with NH State Rep John Burt about the bills going through his Public Safety and Criminal Justice Committee. I also asked what he thought about Shannon Watts and the “clutching pearls” controversy deflection from the actual content of the Red Flag bill?

Free Speech – gotta love it!

Again, Shannon Watts is nothing but a totally bought and paid for hacktivist who’d be nothing if she (and the Moms Demand Action) weren’t bankrolled by Billionaire Michael Bloomberg. Just like Granite State Progress would be nothing if the out-of-state Progressive billionaires that want to turn NH into something it isn’t. This is why when you hear that the Democrats “want money out of politics” (remember that’s only about $5 billion total – we spend way more of our money on cats and dogs than politics), remember this:

They only want money out of politics that go to Republicans.  They are PERFECTLY fine with money coming to them.