'Hold The Line' Micro–Interview: Kimberly Morin - Granite Grok

‘Hold The Line’ Micro–Interview: Kimberly Morin

Today, the Women’s Defense League of NH held its Fifth Annual Gun Rally on the State House plaza in Concord NH (noon to 3pm). I arrived early, set up my cameras, and then had some time to do what I like doing – microinterviews with folks at events.

Here I talk with Kimberly Morin, independent political activist, Grokster, and President of the WDLNH. I asked her why this event and if she had a message for Shannon Watts, head of Moms Demand Action – the front group for billionaire (hey, I thought the Left HATES billionaires?) Michael Bloomberg who is using his money to tell people how to live their lives. As always, she is never hesitant to let us know what she thinks and what’s on her mind.

I also want to point out something.  Yesterday, there were a lot pink hats around – sorta like those “pink pussy hats” that were first made infamous by the Million Women March that turned out to be nothing more than a hodgepodge of silly militant Third Wave feminism convergent (the Leftist word du jour is “intersectionality”) with every silly Progressive word salad mesh possible.  Their hat was supposed to be “empowering” and all that.

Look at her hat – pink?  Yes.  Shaped with those silly “ears” to evoke the look of lady bits?  Nope.  Strong?  Yes, Womens’ Rights – you bet.

That black spot?  Well, in addition to the mocking of Shannon Watts and Moms Demand Action, the pearls (watch the video) are now “Assault Pearls” – and Watts has only herself to blame – that’s the outline of an AR-15.  You want real “Girl Power”? Well, there you go.

The nice thing about this is BECAUSE Shannon Watts and the NH Democrat whiny women “clutching their pearls”, other Freedom loving groups are adopting them – all over the nation.  As was said yesterday, you woke a sleeping giant -and “woke” is now of a Conservative definition, one of Constitutional values, instead of every stupid SJW canard and faux outrage machination.

Now, Shannon Watts and Moms Demand Action, they’re now gunning for you (politically speaking in case you’re just looking to lose it again).

Funny thing that Progressives haven’t realized – you can only push for so long until formerly quiet folks decide that they have had enough.  Like this guy that was provoked and provoked and provoked:

That’s how the TEA Party started – Obama and the Progressives provoked enough people with so much that finally they had had enough when Obama floated the idea that good people who controlled their spending and their savings should bail out their neighbors that kept refinancing and refinancing, spending on all kinds of goodies and vacations until they could no longer afford their mortgage payments. Yes, the ants being forced to pay for the shiftless, lazy, and indolent grasshoppers.  And the ants exploded.

And this is how you got Trump – cold fury.  The quiet people said nothing, did nothing until it was time to retaliate against those politicians, Right and Left, that had forgotten about them and forgotten that they were to represent THEM and their interests instead of their own and others.