HB564 - Firearm restrictions in "safe" school zones. A bleg - who IS this guy? - Granite Grok

HB564 – Firearm restrictions in “safe” school zones. A bleg – who IS this guy?

UPDATE: Several people have now told me that he is a Democrat “tracker” with American Bridge – a “gotcha operation” that was started by David Brock and it is only focused on Republicans and Conservatives.  I guess my three years “off the circuit” ended up with a replacement for the guy we outed years ago.  So, Republican, Conservative and Libertarian event organizers, start up your “Press sign in here” operations and watch for this guy.  Ditto if he tries to buy a ticket to your private event – you can return his money and then send him on his way.

Yes, it may well be that we do nothing about Progressive provocateur Zandra Rice-Hawkin’s high school intern but as Kimberly put it, we ARE outing her “creepy sidekick“.


Bleg is an old school bloggers term asking for help.  The updated term would be crowdsourcing (for information). Either way, I’m doing just that – anybody recognize him? Name, organization?

I’ve seen him at a couple of the anti-gun hearings – a rather nebbishy looking kind of guy with a camera. Nothing wrong with that but he does make an appearance in the quick video of Zandra Rice-Hawkins trying to Alinsky Groksters Susan and Kimberly (about 1:50 into the clip).

Now here, he does state that “No one was listening until it got loud” – ok, a bit odd if he was a journalist for one of the MSM outlets but that’s not why I’m asking who he is.

After the hearing on HB564 was concluded, everyone started to clear out and like always in cleaning up my gear, I was still packing stuff away.  I noticed this guy pawing over the “blue slips” – the sign-in sheets for a hearing in which people can sign in (leaving personal information) and indicate if they are for or against a bill.  This allows someone to let the legislators know how citizens stand on a given issue without having to get up and speak before a crowd.

So why was he taking pictures of those blue sheets?  An “ordinary” journalist wouldn’t bother. An activist would and I certainly don’t recognize him as being a Conservative or Libertarian one.  So, who owns him?


For the record, it seems like NH State Rep Debra Altschiller stayed in the back of the room and one of the pro-gun attendees (whom I’ve known for a while)  told me that every time a pro-gun person testified, she was writing down names and towns. Now, I have no idea what she was writing, but writing just at the beginning of testimony and then not seems a bit…..different. I was also informed that, seemingly in a pique of anger, she kicked the chair of a NH State Rep that was seated in the audience. Yes, that Rep is a pro-Second Amendment/Article 2-A person.

Is this yet another example of the Left projecting onto the Right actions that only the Left actually commits?  They complain about (non-existent) violence on the Right but it is they who are actually doing the assaulting.  Maybe she sits near NH State Rep Katherine “I beat on old ladies” Rogers and is in the process of catching a “violence virus”?

Draw your own conclusions.