DISQUS Doodlings – It ain’t your money, Treehuggers! Part 2

Kennedy quote whats mine is mine

Part 1 is here of me trying to defend your Right to Private Property (e.g., money) to use as you wish instead of the greedy Politicians, Socialists, and Communitarians (on steroids) believing that is is OUR money to do with “we” wish.  Like NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio saying in his latest State of the City address: “Here’s the truth, brothers and sisters, there’s plenty of money in the world. Plenty of money in this city. It’s just in the wrong hands!

That would be from, by translation, my wallet and your wallet- for just like the money grabbers back in 1913 did a round around the Constitutional value of direct taxes with the 16th Amendment as they wanted to grow Government but didn’t have the money for it…yet.  To recap how Lloyd started that post:

$80 billion has been spent on self-driving cars with nothing to show for it

We are wasting too much time, energy and money on autonomous vehicles. We know what to do and it’s not AVs. According to Axios, global investors dumped $4.2 billion into companies working on self-driving cars (or autonomous vehicles, AVs) in the first 3 quarters of 2018.

And twice I reminded the eco-socialist treehuggers that it wasn’t theirs’ to direct or to spend. Deaf ears, I suppose because a commenter directly said it was “ours” and not ours (yeah, read that twice over and you’ll get the point).  And if you didn’t, here’s a better example of this “issue of ownership” is under attack, more and more by the Socialists – that “we” all get to say how others use their money or “we” will take it from them. Here’s another example of the former:

Douglas Jay: The tech companies shield their money offshore. Apple has avoided billions in taxes doing that, and they get huge tax breaks now. So, yes, it is our money–also, R and D gets built into the price of products. Grok that.

Right, “Grok that” – sorry, but this was way too easy because his statement made it quite clear that he doesn’t “understand deeply and fully” what he said. I couldn’t not help myself:

If you are a customer of Apple, you gave them your money voluntarily and they voluntarily gave you the product that you valued higher than your money (and they valued your money more than their product). Once that transaction was completed, it is no longer your money. As it is their money, they can do with it as they wish (as long as it is not for illegal purposes) – you have no say and no ownership of it. Thus, they can move it around anyway that want and that includes offshore. They also do business “offshore” in other countries – they are entitled to use that “local” money there as well.

Tax breaks – tax laws are written by lawmakers (and yes, paid lobbyists do play a role in trying to influence them). Remember – it’s APPLE’S monies in the first place due to consumers like you – NOT the government’s. Apple isn’t stealing – they are simply doing what most of us do personally – pay the least amount possible and remain withing the boundaries of the law.

“Tax Breaks” don’t mean that the government is writing Apple or any other company or person a check. It’s their money in the first place – they earned it, no one else.

And sure – profits get plowed back into R&D; that’s a rather known, humdrum fact you’re trying to use in buttressing a failed argument. Ponder this – if they (or any other company) didn’t do any R&D in developing new products, how long do you thing they’d last? Not long at all, I’d wager.

So I’ve grokked ityou’re completely wrong and used no fact in saying that someone else’s money, the shareholders of Apple in this case, is “our money”.

Go ahead, march into the Apple CFO’s office and demand “your” money – just tell me when and I bring a camera to catch the utterly confused looks on their faces and then the belly laughs at you emanating from those offices. Or even better – going to the IRS and demanding the money formerly Apple’s and do the same. I’m betting their reaction might be a tad different and folks in uniform might show up at the party where no one is smiling.

Still waiting for a response. What’s worse is that I even had to write that response – but write I must because I am seeing this more and more.  De Blasio was elected as a Democrat Socialist – a proud Socialist in Democrat fur.  A mayor in America of one of the largest cities in the world.

Readers, time for all of you to also start fighting back against this failed foreign political philosophy.  It doesn’t work, it has never worked except to bring abject misery to those that are subjected to its nitwittery (and the demonstration that the definition of Government IS Force).