DISQUS Doodlings – It ain’t your money, Treehuggers! Part 1

Kennedy quote whats mine is mine

Yet again, TreeHuggers show their true colors with Honcho Lloyd complaining about $80 billion being wasted on autonomous vehicles.  At this point, start remembering about Crazy Bernie (the self-described Socialist from Vermont that honeymooned in Moscow during the height of the Cold War) who complained that we don’t “need” 23 different types of underarm deodorant in our stores. “Need” is the tell for all Socialists and Communitarians; so is the royal “We”

$80 billion has been spent on self-driving cars with nothing to show for it

We are wasting too much time, energy and money on autonomous vehicles. We know what to do and it’s not AVs.

According to Axios, global investors dumped $4.2 billion into companies working on self-driving cars (or autonomous vehicles, AVs) in the first 3 quarters of 2018.

And he goes on in that “we” should be spending the money on good sidewalks and safe intersections – in other words, you shall walk.  Or go back to the 18th century’s latest invention: “two steel rails” and the stuff that rides on them (yep, choo-choo trains – Nashua Mayor Donchuss would approve) because he literally hates cars.  Everywhere. And it’s always about public transit and let’s be like Europe!  So I through this out there from reading and learning from the Anti-Planner who actually enjoys the stats about Public Transit here in the US:

Public transit numbers are going down in most areas of the US. Most of those transit systems are drowning in “deferred” maintenance. So combine that all, how is “no cars” gonna make it? And how are you going to persuade zillions of people to ante up bazillions more in taxes just to take care of cities that can’t take care of their own messes?

But that wasn’t the point of this point.  So Lloyd has made the case that the $80 Billion is OURS to spend instead of these Venture Capitalists and entrepreneurs (and established companies) competing in this relatively new marketplace.  I called him out on the fallacy of his assertion – that we ALL are that dreaded (and stupid, overused by the PC folks, and abused) “stakeholders”.  He’s like the Democrat Socialists – we all should have a vote on how other peoples’ private property is controlled used.

Hey Lloyd, remember this – that $80 Billion dollars?

Not your money. Shouldn’t be your concern when private individuals and companies are spending their own money trying to create a new marketplace.

Or do you really feel that it IS your money, or that Govt should be “directing” how it is spent for “the greater good” as defined by….whom?

But we all know that this “issue of ownership” is under attack, more and more by the Socialists – that “we” all get to say how others use their money or “we” will take it from them.  Think of your local busybody “Historical Commission” on steroids. And of course, there’s a ton of “what’s your’s” is mine on Treehugger.

Courtney – same thing I asked of Lloyd – what makes you think that it is YOUR money to spend? If others want to spend it, both individuals and companies, that doesn’t affect you at all. It is THEIR money, not your’s or anyone else’s to determine how it is spent.

So, twice I “rose to defend” private property and the marketplace. And then someone really tried to push that “your’s is mine” but that will be Part 2.