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Discovery: Scientists Can Turn CO2 From the Atmosphere into Coal at Room Temperature


Put your land hogging species killing inefficient, green energy windmills and solar panels away. Oh, and the billions in pro-ups, handouts, and subsidies as well. Scientists in Australia have come up with an affordable, scalable process for turning CO2 from the air into solid carbon. 

A research team led by RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia, has discovered a new method of taking carbon dioxide in its gas form and converting it into solid coal. The discovery has the potential to completely change the way people regard the carbon dioxide that humans release into the atmosphere.

WUWT Reports that, while carbon sequestration technology is not new it was not scalable. The cost was so high that building any meaningful capacity would bankrupt you. That is no longer a problem.

“…researchers found a way around the extreme temperature problem. “By using liquid metals as a catalyst, we’ve shown it’s possible to turn the gas back into carbon at room temperature, in a process that’s efficient and scaleable,” Daeneke said.

More “saving” Than You Can Shake a Stick At

And while existing sequestration technology works with an eye toward putting that carbon back into the ground this new technology creates a renewable resource that can be put to work. “The carbon produced may be able to be used as an electrode.”

But it is a discovery that poses a huge problem for the climate cult (and their green energy side-kicks). The Left’s obsession with putting an end to cheap, abundant fossil-fuel energy spins on the lie that CO2 is a threat to life on earth. If we can easily add and extract it at a whim (whether you believe we need too or not), it puts a crimp in their agenda.

We don’t need what they are selling. And there is no sensible (certainly no economic) reason to divert wealth from the economy to pay higher prices for electricity.

This could free up billions if not trillions in savings wasted on expensive mandates to buy “green” energy. We could also free up just as much by ending handouts for these inefficient (soon to be unnecessary) projects.

That’s a lot of extra “green.”

It was Never About Green

If the Ruling Class has no easy story to sell to control all your energy usage, where do they go next? Pollution has been a useful back up by the US has some of the best tech for that already, and it is always improving.

And what about their Socialist global green energy wealth redistribution scheme?

Cheap room-temperature carbon sequestration technology puts an end to the extortion payments to third world countries for climate pollution restitution. Just give them the technology, smile, and say smoke ’em if you got ’em.

Oh, and enjoy your journey to the second or first world.

Here’s the report/research.


Image: A schematic illustration showing how liquid metal is used as a catalyst for converting carbon dioxide into solid coal. Credit: RMIT University