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As Predicted, Merrimack’s Democrats Begin Robbing You of Your Rights

Chip Bok Gun Free Zone

A few days ago I warned Merrimack residents of the significance of Democrat mob rule when it came to your rights. That local Democrat ‘Rosemarie Rung thought a partisan majority of elected Democrats had the right to disarm whomever they choose regardless of limits placed on them by the Constitution.”

That all four Democrats from Merrimack would begin stripping away your rights.

Watch as she votes on the slew of Democrat-sponsored gun-grabbing bills rolling through the State House this session. She will extend her indifference to the constitutional protections of those in Representatives Hall to you and me everywhere and anywhere she can. I predict a near 100 percent lock-step assault by Democrat Rosemarie Rung on your Constitutional rights.

Rung started this business by pretending rules matter to the Left. They do not.

Merrimack Democrats Nancy Murphy, Kathryn Stack, and Wendy Thomas are no different. They are all on the same rhetorical hook. And as predicted, on Thursday, the Democrats took their petty gun-grabbing House exercise and expanded it further out into the real world. Your world.

Ever Little Ban Helps…

HB564 would permit local towns to ban possession of firearms by law-abiding citizens on any local school property. A “solution” to a problem that doesn’t exist. Law-abiding citizens are not shooting up schools. Criminals will ignore the law. All this bill does is disarm good-guys leaving bad guys with a significant force advantage.

It also advertises your school campuses as disarmed target-rich environments, inviting disaster. Is it worse that this is true or that Democrats are proud of what they are trying to do?

HB564 will make your children less safe. All to make it as inconvenient as possible for law-abiding gun owners to move freely in the state without breaking the law. That is what Democrats want. To inconvenience Merrimack Voters and New Hampshire Residents. Drive them into a situation where they must disarm themselves, even though they’ve done nothing wrong.

95% of Democrats in the New Hampshire House voted to disarm law-abiding citizens. Nancy Murphy, Kathryn Stack, Wendy Thomas, and Rosemarie Rung among them.

…Make It Easier to Control You

For further context, consider that Democrats as a party approve of intimidation and violence by mobs like Antifa to silence ideas and words expressed political opponents. Liberal campuses teach it. Liberal professors write books defending it and defend the authors of those books.

The same progressive culture that advocates mobs to silence political opponents seeks to disarm law-abiding citizens systematically.

Let us not pretend there is no connection between the two.

Disarmed citizens are much easier to influence. 

Republicans would rather law-abiding citizens were armed, trained, and equipped to defend everyone’s rights anywhere they have a right to be. Democrats are more interested in a disarmed populace subject to their mob rule tactics.

They are just using your children to advance their broader agenda.

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