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Amherst College Speech Guide Tells Students What Capitalism and Exceptionalism Should Mean

Amherst College

The Amherst College Office of Diversity and Inclusion released a ‘common language document‘ for all of its students this past week. If you are guessing that it was not at all diverse and exclusionary you’d be correct. A problem that led to the office reversing course within days.

We had a similar problem here with UNH. The Bias-Free Language Guide had been lounging about in obscurity. Present but not widely distributed. A point of reference unfamiliar to the population. When it was discovered, it made national news in days. The result was impressive. The document disappeared (we saved it). The UNH President made a very public pronouncement of the commitment of UNH to free speech. And the entire Cultural Diversity Voodoo internet footprint was retooled.

As I noted then, all the same people and all the same thinking (and curriculum) that produced the guide and the controversy stayed put. They just whitewashed it. 

The Amherst College “Common Language Document” is a similar exercise written from the same ideological bigotry.

The Daily Wire Shared a few “definitions.”

The document attempted to “define” capitalism, calling it an “economic and political system in which a country’s trade and industry are controlled by private owners for profit, rather than by the state. This system leads to exploitative labor practices, which affect marginalized groups disproportionately.”


The term “Legal/Illegal” is deemed a “[h]ighly racialized term to describe a person’s presence in a nation without government-issued immigration status.

And the word assimilation is labeled as a form of oppression.

Your Blue Roots are Showing

The bais roots are showing when all your explanations for things come from the same Democrat-Socialist talking points. Evidence that neither diversity nor inclusion are serious matters for consideration.

American Exceptionalism is an expression “of 17th- century Puritan and Protestant religious culture,” later tied to the idea of the White Savior Complex.

“An attitude or posture of condescending benevolence based on the idea that white people inherently should, are in a position to and are qualified to ‘save’ people of color.”

So, no reparations for slavery then?

Post-Feminism Takes a Hit

And yes, post-feminists are bad too.

Post-feminism is a paradoxical framework that is often used to do harm to women by distracting from the realities of gender-based oppression with individual success stories.”

If you don’t buy into the neo-feminist man-hating escapades of angry-liberal harpies, you are as bad as the white men who oppress them.

Which explains the problem. Post-feminists spend time with conservative men. Feminists spend time with liberal men. 

Maybe you should be sending them your “Common Language Document.” A moot point, a least at Amherst College. After the Daily Wire published its report, the Office of Diversity and Inclusion announced that it should not have sent the document to all the students.

Translation: It was supposed to be like the UNH Language Guide. A secret tool of oppression, not a public one. Which reminds us why they never suspected the pushback when they wrote it and decided to release it?

Everyone they know thinks this way but that’s not actually very many people.