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This Weeks Facebook Poll Question – Local Schools as Gun Free Zones

Facebook debate

The gun-grabbers love to whittle away your ability to carry. Require permission. Make that process more complicated and expensive. Make it inconvenient to carry so that you are first forced and then get used to not doing it. Maybe get someone busted for carrying in some location where they have made it “illegal.” Use the media to press their case.

New Hampshire Democrats have a plethora of gun-grabbing bills this session. One of them, HB101, would allow local school districts to ban possession of firearms on school grounds. We’ve got plenty of testimony from that hearing if you are so inclined. 

This would create a patchwork of gun-free zones, based on the judgement or bias of local school boards. Residents could stumble into these anywhere in the state. It whittles away at your rights.

Sowe opened a debate on our Facebook page with a poll. We encourage you to join in and vote.

Poll Question: Should the NH legislature pass a bill to allow Local school districts in New Hampshire to establish gun-free zones on their town’s public school campuses?

Yes – Local Control Issue

No – Constitutional Rights

You can find the poll and comments here.

If you have not already please like or follow us on Facebook. The poll ends in four days.

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