One Thing All School Shooters Have in Common

by Steve MacDonald March 3, 2018

“Everyone is talking about guns and security, but no one wants to talk about THIS, except Warren Farrell, Ph.D.” The one thing all school shooters have in common…watch it. (once it loads..sorry if it’s slow, we’re working on that)  

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Palate Cleanser: Dude Perfect – best trick shots of 2017

by Skip January 1, 2018

Brash, loud, in your face, celebrations on everything – but they do have trick shot skilz! (H/T: LIKECOOL)

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This sounds like a great idea! The Regulatory Transparency Project from The Federalist Society

by Skip November 16, 2017

In the ultra-complex, interconnected, and breakneck-speed digital age in which we live, government must issue and enforce regulations to protect public health and safety. However, despite the best of intentions, government regulation can fail, can stifle innovation, can foreclose opportunity, and can harm the most vulnerable among us. It is for precisely these reasons that […]

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“The Rise of Socialism is Absurd”

by Skip November 14, 2017

Given that Millennials are seemingly on a death match towards embracing Socialism, a word from a very, very wise Economics Nobel Prize winner is applicable: It isn’t about the economic system; it IS about human nature. (H/T:

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Steve Bannon Speech – 603 Alliance / Initiative 18 Fundraiser

by Steve MacDonald November 10, 2017

The complete unedited remarks of Steve Bannon from yesterday’s 603 Alliance Initiative 18 Fundraiser. I will also be releasing an audio version in the next day or so, as well as shorter segments if you are not the sort to sit through 46 minutes of remarks.  (Also, so our progressive “friends” can rage at something […]

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Everyone is colluding with Russia except Trump

by Steve MacDonald October 27, 2017

“Everyone is colluding with Russia except Trump,” Steyn said. “You’ve got the Podesta Group, you’ve got the Hillary campaign, you’ve got the DNC, you’ve got the FBI, you’ve got Christopher Steele, who you credit as an ex-MI6 agent. He’s not just any old ex-MI6 agent, he’s the head of the Russia desk at MI6, which […]

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Build the Wall – the prototypes

by Skip October 23, 2017

I only wished that the drone had gone in closer but hey, it’s better than having to go there in person: (H/T: Daily Mail)

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And we were told that we were misogynistic and homophobic – THAT would never happen!

by Skip October 21, 2017

Man Who Identifies As A Woman Named Michelle, Rapes 10 Yr-Old Girl In Ladies Room Miguel Martinez is a transgender who lives in Casper, Wyoming. That’s a place that I have lived before when I was a kid. No way would I have ever dreamed that would be a headline out of that wonderful town. […]

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When college students thought it Bernie’s tax plan….

by Skip October 21, 2017

and didn’t realize it was Trump’s. Pre-conceived world view. (H/T: Campus Review)

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Death Tax – Juan Williams REALLY showcases what Progressives believe whose money your’s is.

by Skip October 15, 2017

I was just in shock (ok, perhaps not really) but to see it so front and center was rather different. Juan Williams on “The Five” (glad to see it’s back on at 5pm again, fwiw) made it clear that the Government has every right to take money from you when you die after it has already […]

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John Stossel – Happy Birthday Communism! 100 years of slavery

by Skip October 5, 2017

(H/T: Instapundit)

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So much for the Left’s vaunted ideal of “inclusiveness”, eh?

by Skip September 30, 2017

That’s all we seem to hear about from Progressives that they want and desire a more “inclusive” society. As you can see, at least on this campus, “inclusive” really means exclusive – we will include anyone that is just like us but exclude “The Others”.  Once again, we see the hypocrisy of the Left and […]

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Patriot fans tell the Patriot players who took a knee what they think of them

by Skip September 26, 2017

Boston is a patriotic place – this is the area of the country where the “Shot heard ’round the world” was fired when the British Redcoats were sent to disarm the colonials.  A ragtag militia of 70 odd ordinary male citizens stood up to a mass of 700 British regulars – the finest army in […]

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Yes: Are some cultures better than others?

by Skip September 21, 2017

Appreciation of other cultures is fine.  Multiculturalism exists to promote them over Western Liberalism (the Classic kind – the the “Liberals” like Nancy Pelosi). “Are some cultures better than others? Or are all cultures and their values equal? Bestselling author Dinesh D’Souza, who was born in India and moved to America, explains:“ D’Souza points out […]

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“People became Muslims as a result of the fact that Muslims came with the sword”

by Skip September 21, 2017

Sheikh Suleiman Anwar Bengharsa, head of the Islamic Jurisprudence Center in Clarksburg, Maryland, gave a lecture in Toronto, Canada in 2010, in which he said that Muslims could only live in the land of the infidels under certain circumstances, one of which was to do da’wa. “When the caliphate is established, you need to pack […]

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No nonsense female judge levels 3rd wave feminism

by Skip September 19, 2017

On the rare occasion that I channel surf and Judge Judy pops up, I stop.  No nonsense, takes no BS from those in front of her – I just love her verbal putdowns of those trying to use pomposity and double-speaking to get around her judgements.  That she will not stand and it is clear […]

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Palate Cleanser – this is magnificent!

by Skip September 17, 2017

I love watching these Rube Goldberg machine setups in action.  However, there is SO much going on, you have to hit the gear (lower right corner of the video) and slow the video down.  Even at 75% speed, there’s an awful lot going on. (H/T: Sploid)

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“How Not to Land an Orbital Rocket Booster”

by Skip September 15, 2017

I do have to hand it to Elon Musk – the power behind Solar City, Tesla, and SpaceX – he’s created this micro-collage of the hundreds of millions of dollars that he invested in blowing up rockets in developing what seems to becoming a normal thing – landing a rocket so that it can be […]

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Irma – the most fantastic (to date) of a hurricane eye wall

by Skip September 6, 2017

“This was taken earlier today by the new GOES-16 weather satellite, which has been producing some fantastic hi-res imagery of Hurricane Irma, This video, from NASA’s Short-term Prediction Research and Transition Center (SPoRT) in Huntsville, AL, tops anything I’ve ever seen.” (H/T: Watts Up With That)

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Cajun Navy and now the Redneck Army – Monster Truck saves National Guard Truck

by Skip September 1, 2017

Yeah, from my previous post about some Lefty SJW whining about “untrained volunteers” – where would Houston et al and Louisiana be without volunteers?  Anywhere, for that matter, right?  I mean, what regular Army platoon keeps a couple of these bad boys around along with the guys that go “Here, Cletus, hold m’beer” and create […]

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This is just SO much fun to watch!

by Skip August 25, 2017

For whatever reason, this ain’t my night to do heavy stuff, but every once in a while, going light is right.  I will have to say I was impressed with the number of elements in this that get double or triple duty but in different ways.  Take the few minutes to watch even if you […]

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Star Parker on the Alt-Right and Alt-Left, First Amendment, the LGBT flag, and Nancy Pelosi

by Skip August 16, 2017

Several ideas, several positions all wrapped into a single video by Star Parker (a black conservative women) who doesn’t care who she ticks off. (H/T: IJR)

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Forbes On Fox: Trump Tax Cuts, Dem Demands & Bipartisanship

by Mike August 7, 2017

More to the point, the PERILS of bipartisanship! A lively and spirited discussion, including Forbes himself, host David Asman, Financial Analyst Elizabeth MacDonald, Libertarian John Tamny, Moderate Bill Baldwin, and Millenial Jessica Tarlov. Many excellent points are made, including how high taxes stifle S Corps, and thus small business job creation, that bipartisanship is poison […]

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The Administrative State -the Prelude

by Skip August 7, 2017

The Administrative State – as Progressives grew and grew government, they knew that they were coming up onto one of the mountain tops of the Progressive philosophy – a technocratic State “guiding” its subjects to a Utopia.  For you see, they consider the rest of us to be dolts and deplorables who can’t cope with […]

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And Stephen Miller was not done – took on New York Time’s Glenn Thrush

by Skip August 2, 2017

With the same results as here over the RAISE Act – complete domination. You can be sure that Miller is NOT one to kowtow to the “heavy weight” MSM journalists – like Trump, he has seemingly mastered overwhelming these ill-prepared self-assured incompetents: (H/T: Newsbusters) And he does it with a smile!  Transcript after the jump:

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Press Conference – RAISE Act. Can you say “smacked down” and “chopped to bits”?

by Skip August 2, 2017

The White House Press corp is fat, lazy, and think they know than they do.  Oh sure, they do snark but after watching these WH press updates, I’m not impressed with those that seem to have been deemed “the best of the best”.  It seems that on a lot of occasions, they do better at […]

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Your Tax Dollars Being Used To Push Massive Climate Fraud On Public Radio

by Steve MacDonald July 23, 2017

Some related links here and here. The source page for this video can be found here. RCS

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Palate Cleanser: THAT is some scary driving!

by Skip July 21, 2017

“When a huge set wave nearly trapped the safety boat in the impact zone at Jeffreys Bay, they skillfully skirted disaster by ripping their way across the big green wall. #WSL #jbay” This boat just “drifted” across that wave face! (H/T: LIKECOOL)  

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Government Can’t Fix Healthcare

by Steve MacDonald July 17, 2017

This is a nice explanation of first, second, and third party payer systems and why the government can’t fix healthcare.

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What Happened at Evergreen College Is Just Another Step In the Journey to the Promised Liberal Utopia

by Steve MacDonald July 14, 2017

If you want to make an omelet you have to breaks some eggs, so the saying goes. That’s true for the progressive utopia too. But what they don’t tell you, what they can’t tell you, is that before they deliver the promised harmony and unity and self-awareness of a centrally planned economic caste system from which you […]

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