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Stopped Clock Charles Barkley on Race Relations and Political Power (and it’s brilliant!)

Charles Barkley knows basketball and he gets paid a lot to talk about it. I know little to nothing about Basketball beyond my good fortune at having been able to watch the Larry-Bird Celtics dominate the game. So, I don’t talk basketball I stick to politics. Barkley doesn’t always stick to his sport and the …

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JP Sears Freedom is dangerous

“10 Reasons Why Freedom is DANGEROUS”

JP Sears, once again, puts another spin on Freedom. This time, playing Devil’s Advocate for Progressives who truly believe that THEY can take care of you and are trying mighty hard to make sure that they WILL take care of you.

Critical Race Theory

Critical Race Theory in the Classroom: Teachers Pushing Racism

The teacher doesn’t believe the student when he says “It’s just two people chillin’.” After all, Critical Race Theory (CRT) DEMANDS that “colorblindness” is racist and the teacher is forcing that view on the student. The Narrative must never be disobeyed or dismissed!

Ron DeSantis

Florida – No, We’re Not Doing Vaccine Passports

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis continues to put natural rights above government impulse. His state has been open for nine months, and his results as good or better than most, including lockdownistan states. And he’s got some thoughts about vaccine passports.

Daniel Richards

Parent Concerned About Critical Race Theory in Public Schools

Daniel Richards from Hanover is quite comfortable living in that Blue bastion of progressiveness but something recently got his attention.  The District is teaching Critical Race Theory to staff and teachers with trickle-down into the curriculum and he (as he should) has concerns.

Screen Grab 603 Alliance CRT Webinar

Webinar Replay: Critical Race Theory in NH

On Thursday, March 25th, the 603 Alliance hosted a webinar on Critical Race Theory. Dr. Karlyn Borysenko gave us an overview of what CRT says and provided examples from around the United States, including some cases in New Hampshire.