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Alan Glassman, You Pulled the “Trigger” on the Wrong Guy

Last Wednesday, I was asked if GraniteGrok would observe the voting within the Belknap County Republican Committee (BCRC). Because, according to the two separate folks who didn’t know the other had done so, they thought the voting would be “interesting.”

Fredrick Douglas

Frederick Douglass vs The 1619 Project

A free slave vs Black race-baiters:  one from our history who believed in the Constitution as being for all people vs someone that would rewrite our history simply to advance a race-based fiction (to which she has now admitted to doing).


Governor Sununu Is Deliberately Misleading the Public

I’m reaching out to counter what I see as deliberately misleading comments made by Governor Sununu to paint the demonstrators at his residence as something that they are not. As one of the organizers of “Absolute Defiance,” the group leading the peaceful demonstrations at Governor Sununu’s house, I feel obligated to ensure that the truth …

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Registered Nurse Rant

We get so much stuff (Thank You!) that there is often not enough time to follow up on it and share it. This was interesting enough (and controversial), so I figured I’d drop it in a quick post and let the community decide what to make of it.