A reminder about how the Minimum Wage came about – and its not pretty

by Skip February 13, 2017

“As I’ve said on other occasions: compared to (most of) today’s advocates of the minimum wage, the minimum-wage’s early advocates had far worse ethics but a far better grasp of economics. These early advocates of the minimum wage correctly understood not only that the minimum wage destroys jobs for some low-skilled workers, but also that […]

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Ben Shapiro – Schooling Students on Transgenderism

by Steve MacDonald February 13, 2017

Ben Shapiro spoke to a standing room only crowd at Ferris State University in Michigan. The clip above is a part of a Q and A where he addresses issues with the idea of separating sex from gender and does it well. Near the end, the conversation shifts to abortion and contraception and again, Shapiro disarms […]

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GT Flashback – January 31st, 2015

by Steve MacDonald February 11, 2017

Listen to “GT Flashback – January 31st, 2015 Guns!!! Guns!!! Guns!!!” on Spreaker. January in New Hampshire turns our thoughts to Constitutional Carry. So while we bask in the success of 2017, let’s not forget that the journey started years ago and that some states aren’t so lucky. In this weeks GT Flashback Susan Olsen discusses a hearing […]

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Tulsa Traffic Reporter Give Hillary Supporters Directions to Canada

by Steve MacDonald February 10, 2017

Just in case they forgot how to get there from flyover country.   H/T Twitchy

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Palate Cleanser – circular Slip N’ Slide on Australia Day

by Skip January 30, 2017

Just cool and looks like a lot of fun.  Me try it?  Maybe 10 or 20 years ago, sure!  Now? Er, not so much unless there is an ultra-slow speed for me. (H/T: Sploid)

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Tucker Carlson – tripping up yet another Hypocrite (Kevin Appleby) with just simple questions

by Skip January 29, 2017

And asking these hypocrites own words in his questions.  Most people “miss” what these political hack / special interest groups – Tucker shows that he’s listening.  And doing pretty good research to boot.  Almost every single of these “man in the street in the studio” questions, the interviewee ends up looking dazed, confused, and wondering […]

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“True History of Assault Rifles”

by Skip January 29, 2017

(H/T: The Truth About Guns)

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Nikki Haley at the UN: “For those who don’t have our back, we’re taking names.”

by Steve MacDonald January 28, 2017

“You’re going to see a change in the way we do business,” Ms. Haley said. “Our goal with the administration is to show value at the U.N., and the way we’ll show value is to show our strength, show our voice, have the backs of our allies and make sure our allies have our back […]

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Louder with Crowder – infiltrating the Womens March. Hilarity ensues

by Skip January 24, 2017

As a transgender woman asking questions: “This time, Crowder and his trusty sidekick “Not Gay Jared” decided they would take on the much discussed Women’s March, and try to find out more about it by showing up at the one being held in Austin Texas. In order to accomplish this, and put the marchers off […]

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“My job is to shut other white people down…”

by Skip January 24, 2017

The full quote that has everyone’s attention.  By Sally Boynton Brown, the current Executive Director of the Idaho Democrat Party, who is vying for the DNC Chairmanship: I’m a white woman. I don’t get it. I’m pleased and honored to be here today to have the conversation. I’m so excited that we’re here. I am listening, […]

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Another worthless Obama legacy ready to be dissolved

by Skip January 23, 2017

OK, a bit late on this as Prager U posted it on the 16th – 4 days before Trump’s Inauguration so Gina McCarthy (EPA head) and President Obama are now gone.  And I will make the prediction that Trump will cancel this by Executive Order. SURE he can – even though Obama sent $100s of […]

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“Hey, hey, Ho, ho, Donald Trump has got to go!” – the Media

by Skip January 22, 2017

Well THAT didn’t take long, did it?  Trump’s honeymoon, if one could call it that, last all of, oh, six seconds with the mainstream media.  I’ve been watching this stuff since I turned 18 (and very intensely the last 10) and it’s like Groundhog Day.  It just seems that once a Republican enters the Oval […]

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MSM jumps off the cliff – Chris Matthews says Inaugural Address was “Hitlerian”

by Skip January 20, 2017

Zooming past Godwin’s Law in 0.5 seconds flat – but that’s what Progressives do.  Look, give Matthews a “bit” of a break – the guy that could give him “tingles” has now just left the scene (at least officially).  Seriously though, this happens every time that Republicans take power – the Big Smear always comes […]

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Project Veritas – Left Wing Plans To Disrupt Trump Inauguration

by Steve MacDonald January 18, 2017

Project Veritas will likely be dropping video all week but for now, we’ve got the first two. #DisruptJ20 plan to disrupt a Thursday night event.

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Jemu Greene – DNC Chair candidate latest victim of Tucker Carlson

by Skip January 17, 2017

“Why Do You Always Bring It Back To Race?” Heh – must see TV.  Up until a little while ago, I had a negative (not dismal, just slightly negative) view of Carlson – no longer.  With the advent of his own show on Fox News, he’s becoming a must watch for what seems to be […]

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Trump Thrives off Media Hostility

by Steve MacDonald January 13, 2017

It’s going to be a fun few years. Trump thrives off of media hostility, and the more hostile — and the less defensible — the better. It allows him to portray himself as the victim of a stilted establishment. It fires up his supporters. It keeps the debate on terrain that is familiar and favorable […]

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Epic Take-Down: Ted Cruz Itemizes Democrat Hypocrisy in Jeff Sessions Hearing

by Steve MacDonald January 11, 2017

(Right Scoop) Ted Cruz turned his ire toward the Democrats today, exposing the blatant hypocrisy in their questioning of Sessions as opposed to their silence during the rampant lawlessness of the Obama administration. H/T Kevin Kervick – Facebook

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The Real Housewives of ISIS

by Steve MacDonald January 4, 2017

Bwahahahaha! And in the event it gets taken down, there’s a cached copy here. Legal Insurrection.

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Christmas? Even on this Day, there is a sharp divide between us

by Skip December 25, 2016

The Progressive SHOT: CHASER: Donald Trump Sorry, but on this day, “diversity” means nothing – that is “your god” of the Progressive religion today (tomorrow, there may be another.  “Inclusive” maybe).

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Christmas Palate Cleanser: the making of a glass Christmas ornament

by Skip December 24, 2016

“Season’s Greetings from The Corning Museum of Glass! Watch as Museum Gaffer Eric Goldschmidt creates a blown, mirrored and glittered ornament using an authentic Lauscha ornament mold. For many years, it was holiday tradition to decorate one’s home with fruits and nuts. But when a glassblower in the small German mountain town of Lauscha could […]

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“How the Minimum Wage hurts young people

by Skip December 18, 2016

Raise the minimum wage – who benefits?  Mostly unions – after all, they are amongst the most vocal of advocates.  Why?  Look at the escalation clauses in many of their work contracts. Does it really help those at the bottom rungs of the economic ladder?  Is the minimum wage’s purpose, if you listen to Progressives, […]

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Give – it’s for the Precious Snowflakes

by Skip December 15, 2016

Pity our precious snowflakes at our institutes of higher learning for they will inherit misery the rest of their days.  They’ll look back at their college decade years and realize what favors their radical professors and activist friends have done for them in never being able to face the reality outside of their bubbles. (H/T: […]

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“Solid and dependable. Responsible”

by Skip December 13, 2016

What makes a man?  Prager U has an answer (actually, a whole bunch of good ones): (H/T: The Corner)

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Hillary “Fake News” Clinton

by Skip December 10, 2016

Progressives never seem to be knowledgeable about the Biblical admonition concerning motes and timbers (how would they being the political group that is most unchurched?).  However, Hillary claims that her Methodist faith is  a very important part of her life – why wouldn’t she understand this parable? And claiming that “fake news” cost her the […]

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NBA Larry Bird Highlight Video – Awesome!

by Steve MacDonald December 9, 2016

The NBA released a new Larry Bird highlight video (Dec. 7 is his birthday). If you like basketball, the Celtics, or Larry Bird, this is a must watch. I grew up with Larry and the Celtics Dynasty of that era and I recall Bird being amazing but not this amazing. Check it out. NBA-NBC Sports

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Gene Simons : Celebs Should Shut Their Pie-Holes

by Steve MacDonald December 8, 2016


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That “Fight for $15”? It isn’t just just for McDonalds and fast food joints anymore

by Skip December 7, 2016

The utterly socialist in nature union called SEIU has been the impetus for this national demand that everyone be paid at least $15/hr as a minimum “fair wage” wage.  Frankly, being socialists (and duping millions of “new members” into redistributing their small amount of wealth to the SEIU), they don’t respect private property and seek […]

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“Hillary’s Final Disgrace”

by Skip December 6, 2016

The Left are horrible losers (you can take that in any direction you want) and after this election we see that they will not stop in doing anything to gain the only thing they really care about (all other words otherwise to be dismissed summarily) is Power. Simple.  Just Power. And if they can’t HAVE […]

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Well, as NH Dem Chair Ray Buckley is making national news…

by Skip November 29, 2016

UPDATED AND BUMPED – Upon the news that NH Democrat Party Chairman Ray Buckley is planning to run for Chair of the Democrat National Committee, I thought I’d make it a bit easier for der Google to help them out.  Originally posted on Oct 13, 2014. …and not necessarily for all the right reasons.  Not that […]

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…get tired of winning…..

by Skip November 26, 2016

“We gonna win so much you may even get tired of winning and you’ll say please, please Mr. president, It’s too much winning! We can’t take it anymore!” Sundance over at Conservative Treehouse notes that the winning has started:

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