Rosemarie Rung (D- Merrimack) Calls Granite Grok Ultra-Right-Wing Crazy Website - Granite Grok

Rosemarie Rung (D- Merrimack) Calls Granite Grok Ultra-Right-Wing Crazy Website


Democrat New Hampshire House Rep Rosemarie Rung honored us the other day. In a Facebook live ‘townhall of sorts’ she referenced recent publications here with regard to her. While not naming us directly she did mention an Ultra-Right-Wing Crazy Website.

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There’s no one else in New Hampshire it could be but GraniteGrok. So, let’s put that in context.

Our focus is limited government rule. Law before man. Individual rights and liberties. The constraints of a Constitution upon lawmakers and their institutions. We put the interests of people before that of State government, individual rights ahead of those dictated by the mobocracy.

In the scope of political experiments in human history, we are “moderates” in that we believe in the form of government that has more faith in you and your priorities than those of politicians, bureaucrats, or mobs.

The American experiment is a rare moment that has freed more people and lifted more of them from poverty and out of the hands of tyranny than any in human history. We defend that uniqueness. Ms. Rung thinks this is crazy.

In the context of her narrow vision that may appear correct. Socialist-Democrats like Representative Rosemarie Rung are authoritarians. They embrace variations on the totalitarian history of mankind. Rule by a privileged few. Preferably from some distant capital. Guarded by an increasingly complex set of laws or rules that purposefully limit a citizens ability to interact with their betters.

Opposition to that must be seen as extreme because it interferes with the movement “forward.”

Toward what?

They raise taxes to take spending power from families and job creators because they do not trust them to spend their money on Progressive priorities. Killing babies up to birth and making you pay for it. Bailing out illegal aliens before homeless veterans. Taking money from job creators. The embrace of class warfare and the culture war to infringe on rights of speech, religion, association, self-defense.

They are busy-bodies with police powers who are uncomfortable allowing private business to occur between citizens without their interference or oversight.

Ms. Rung is welcome to refute these observations with actions, but her adventures in the State House so far suggest her incapable. She will vote with the Democrat majority to take more of your property. Add more regulation and control. Deny parents education choices.  To increase the daily interferes of government in your lives.

You can’t prove me wrong because Rep. Rung has to cast votes and every one of them will prove me right. And we’ll do our best to make sure a majority Republican like Merrimack knows about it, so they don’t make the same mistake twice (in a row) come election day 2020.