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Quick Shot: Vermont Bill – Abortion Up To Birth is a Right?

Abortion right to be born

Vermont is proposing new legislation that would protect the ‘right’ to perform an abortion up to birth.

The right to abortion bill, which has 91 co-sponsors, goes beyond the scope of Roe v. Wade, which protects a fetus that can survive outside the mother’s womb. In Vermont, an abortion could be performed up until the point of birth for any reason.

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Vermont Right to Life (naturally) opposes the bill.

“I think it’s completely dangerous, irresponsible, poorly written and should be voted down.” …Beerworth worries that the House bill could be hurting not just unborn babies but mothers, as well.

She said the bill was essentially crafted by Planned Parenthood.

“We consider Planned Parenthood the fourth branch of government in Vermont — the Legislature reacts immediately to whatever Planned Parenthood wants them to do,” Beerworth said.

Planned Parenthood says they did not write the bill but that legislators did consult them because they are the experts.

At killing babies, they are (without a doubt) the historical “experts.” 

So by ‘right’ do they mean ritual (rite) because that’s what this sounds like.