Quick Shot: Even The Excuses for Having an Abortion Prove This is a Person

pregnant woman with child person human being

The various justifications for abortion all prove that the thing they are aborting is a human life. Consider. Many women “aren’t ready.” Aren’t ready for what? Children. It’s too much commitment (children). I (we) can’t afford (to have children).

Children are people. Sometimes, depending on the Left’s narrative, they are the most important people of all. But when it comes to abortion, not so much.

We’ve also heard that abortion addresses issues of poverty or “reduces” global warming. How does it improve global warming or prevent poverty? And then there’s that whole overcrowded world thing.

Not one of those things ‘justifies’ terminating a pregnancy unless we are talking about ending a person. A human being. Abortion prevents them from becoming an expense, a commitment: another mouth to feed or an additional body on a “crowded” blue dot in space.

That thing which, without interruption can begin at no other point than conception.

So, yes, Abortion is a choice. To end a human life.

Isn’t it about time we stop doing that?