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Nashua Overwhelms School System – Taxpayers Should Ask: Who Didn’t See This Coming?

nashua city hall

Nashua, New Hampshire fancies itself a “Welcoming City.” That’s a semi-Orwellian phrase for deliberately taking in more refugees than you can handle. The Gate City now has kids in the school system who speak as many as 50 different languages and not English. Getting here from there was easy. Getting anywhere else from here will be awkward and expensive.

It starts when Aid agencies, typically religious organizations that pocket billions of federal dollars. They relocate almost anyone who they get into the country to places like Nashua, New Hampshire. Places run by well-meaning progressive virtue-signallers passing themselves off as municipal leaders who care about taxpayers.

The Aid agency gets paid, and the refugees or immigrants get dumped on the local municipality.

The first signs of stress often appear when local schools can’t teach these kids because they don’t understand English. They could teach them English, but there are never enough teachers who speak those languages. In Nashua, they’d need teachers who speak 50 different languages.

No one saw this coming? No one asked or warned taxpayers about the escalating costs?

Who are the idiots that created this problem?

A smart leader would understand the expenses and challenges before proceeding. They would alert taxpayers. Get approval. Set up contingencies. Work with other districts to pool resources. Find qualified language teachers. I don’t know, but it doesn’t sound as if Nashua did any of that.

These are not stupid people so when they do what appear to be stupid things it suggests some other agenda is in play.

Here’s Another Fine Mess

Local politicians who create the problem spin it to become moral advocates for change to help the children – we need more of your money.

School boards and superintendents become advocates for stressed students and overworked teachers- we need more of your money.

Unions become an advocate for more specialized salaried dues-paying teachers and bigger budgets- we’ll get more dues with your money.

Learning is challenged so students get screwed and taxpayers are on the hook. The kids need to learn English to learn anything else, and someone has to pay, though it is seldom (if ever) the politicians or aid agencies or activists who put your community in this bind.

All of it could have been avoided. If officials elected to look out for their constituents had first stepped back and said, labeling ourselves as “welcoming” might not be the best thing for the people who elected us. It might not be good for their children. It might not be best for the parents and children of these immigrants or refugees.

Nashua has proven that it has not. So, this needs more than just a fiscal fix. Nashua may need new people in positions of power.

The kids are here. Nashua needs to help them. But residents need to ask questions. Who lets this happen? Was there planning? If yes, what went wrong, if not why? What inspired this level of incompetence from people claiming to be suitable leaders of any community? Why are you the best person to fix it or to keep it from getting worse?

Be prepared to be blamed for the problem that your local government created. Expect to be labeled a racist or a xenophobe. And understand that these things mean you are on the right track.