More MSM propaganda: former FBI Deputy Director McCabe on "60 Minutes" - Granite Grok

More MSM propaganda: former FBI Deputy Director McCabe on “60 Minutes”

Scott Pelley’s February 17, 2019 “60 Minutes” interview of Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe was propaganda to smear President Trump, protect the Washington establishment, and rehabilitate McCabe (who willingly prosecutes people, but objects to his own firing, for lying to the FBI).  Pelley helped McCabe spin his fanciful tale.

McCabe’s justification for investigating President Trump after FBI Director Comey’s firing was a creative, desperate attempt to smear President Trump while hiding FBI and Obama administration misdeeds.

When Comey was fired, McCabe knew what we know now.  No improper Trump-Russia interactions were identified despite a year-long, in-depth investigation.  The Steele dossier was unverified, contained lies, and was funded by the Clinton campaign.  President Trump was acting strongly against Russian interests (e.g., attacking Syria and reducing oil prices).

McCabe knew Democrats demanded Comey’s firing after he revealed Hillary’s many security violations in July, 2016.  He knew Comey lied to President Trump and that Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein justified firing Comey.  McCabe knew that Trump hadn’t curtailed any investigation of Russian interference or collusion.

Scott Pelley also knew all this but he wanted to smear Trump while protecting the Washington swamp, so he didn’t ask questions that would lead viewers to conclusions he didn’t want.

He didn’t ask: “Most top FBI officials have left office or have been terminated for misdeeds, and many, like you, face possible criminal prosecution.  Wasn’t your reaction to Comey’s firing really just fear that FBI misdeeds would be exposed?”

He didn’t ask: “You knew that many Democrats, Republicans, and law enforcement officials thought Comey’s actions were improper and called for his firing.  You knew the President can fire any subordinate without cause.   You knew that the President hadn’t curtailed the Russian investigation.  You knew that not only was there was no evidence of Trump-Russia collusion but that Trump was acting against Russian interests.  So, wasn’t your Trump investigation simply an effort to smear the President, to interfere with his Presidency, and divert attention from improper, if not illegal, FBI activities?”

He didn’t ask:  “Isn’t it correct that your investigation showed no evidence of President Trump acting on behalf of Russia?”

He didn’t ask:  “By comparison, did the FBI investigate President Obama after his treasonous sounding surreptitious request to Russian President Medvedev to tell Vlad that “after my election I have more flexibility.”?”

He didn’t ask:  “Since the Obama administration knew in 2014 that Russia intended to interfere in our election, did the FBI investigate why the Obama administration didn’t act forcefully to prevent the Russian interference?”

The “60 Minutes” Pelley-McCabe interview was simply Washington establishment propaganda hindering President Trump’s efforts to put the American people’s best interests first.