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MA Senator “Lie Like Liz” Warren is the Keynote Speaker At Upcoming NH Dem Dinner


Elizabeth Warren has spent most of her professional life selling a lie. One that afforded her special consideration to which she had no right. A lie she openly embraced for her professional and political benefit. You’d think that was offensive to a party that lives and dies on the altar of identity politics but not here, in New Hampshire.

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Liz Warren is the featured speaker at this years, McIntyre-Shaheen Dinner.

New Hampshire’s Democratic Party says Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren will be the keynote speaker at an annual dinner.

The party said in a news release Wednesday that Warren will speak at the McIntyre-Shaheen 100 Club Dinner on Feb. 22 in Manchester.

I don’t suppose they are at all offended by her call for a massive wealth tax? New Hampshire already (reportedly) has a problem – even with four Democrats working ‘for the people’ in DC – getting it’s tax dollars back. Do New Hampshire Democrats advocate this accelerated pillaging of Granite State “resources?”

If so, what is their plan for getting that much more money back? Or, better yet, if the idea is to get it all back, why can’t we just keep it here it here in first place? 

They could vote for that. Think of all the time and money we’d save leaving those resources in New Hampshire instead of laundering them through Bureaucrats in DC?

Actually, they had the opportunity to leave more money in the hands of families and job creators. Every New Hampshire Democrat in Congress voted against it.

Let’s Lie Like Liz!

Warren is also on the hot seat for her reaction to the Covington Fake news scandal. Nick Sandmann’s lawyers have put her on notice. She may find herself embroiled in a libel scandal for her hair-trigger response to a sculpted narrative based entirely on political bias.

Given all of this, we note with some amusement, these words from the NHDP’s ActBlue Tickets page for the event.

Massachusetts US Senator Elizabeth Warren has spent her career taking on powerful special interests.

Like Catholic School Children at a March for Life Event in DC?

Ms. Warrens career, like most Democrats, has been spent taking on “special interests” that support her political opponents or their ideas, even when they are children. And with the tunnel-vision fever, she attributes to them. None of whom pretended to be a minority for professional gain nor smeared children to advance a political narrative.

That’s just a snapshot of who Liz Warren is and New Hampshire Democrats are proud to have her speak at their gala event.

It tells you a lot about who New Hampshire Democrats are, doesn’t it?

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