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Quick Shot: Liz Warren’s Race on Her State Bar of Texas Registration – “American Indian”

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In 1986 Elizabeth Warren Registered with the State Bar in Texas. She was living in Austin at the time. Her neat handwritten details tell us that she went to the University of Austin. Rutgers Law. She’s Female. And that her race is ‘American Indian.’

Legal Insurrection shares more details, like this.

The date coincided with her first listing as a “minority” by the Association of American Law Schools. Warren reported herself as minority in the directory every year starting in 1986 — when AALS first included a list of minority law professors — to 1995, when her name dropped off the list.

She is not a minority. Fauxcahauntus, as we all know is the Pretendian with less actual American Indian blood than the average American citizen. She is less of a minority than you probably are whitey.

A declaration that many believe will plague her throughout the duration of her run for president. So much so that it will difficult to sell the lie of socialsim over the lie of her “heritage.’

The original source for the story is, believe it or not, The Washington Post.