Ann Kuster Might Not Want to Stand So Close

Ann Kuster, Democrats wearing the party's traditional racist colors

Democrat Congressman Annie Kuster has had a whopper of a time down in DC this week. Cut from the same white cloth at the STOU, to becoming part of the New Green Deal.

Now she has some explaining to do. How are we going to eliminate the internal combustion engine, Annie?

Shutting down the Manchester airport, just as we dreamed up a new name for it, should make an interesting campaign slogan for you in your next run at re-election.

Every time your SOTU dance partner, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, leader of the Democrat Party, opens her mouth you are going to have to translate for us poor, uneducated New Hampshire voters.

Good luck with that.

Print more money, to spend it on this new Eco-Luddite religion? Boom, we are a third world country with a wheelbarrow of printed paper to trade for a mule.

Eliminate cows because they pass gas? What about unicorns?

Take the train to England? Under or over water?

I would suggest making Hawaii its own country, so we don’t have to deal with getting there only by boat or dirigible.

Democrat Annie Kuster has tied herself to an idiot with a fake economics degree from Boston University simply because that idiot is a female who won a seat in the US Congress.

They both have plenty of company.