Congressman Chris Pappas – Climate Cult Puppet

Pap means “a soft food (as for infants), political patronage, or something lacking solid value or substance.” Partisan New Hampshire Congressman Chris ‘Pap’pas is peddling pap on climate. A less polite way to say that is he is spreading lies.

Mr. Pappas must think you are all idiots. In his defense, there are more than a few. They tend to be registered, Democrats. All with a political agenda that suggests wealth confiscation is the answer. To what? everything. It also happens to be the answer to the to lie that the earth’s five warmest years have been the most recent five years.

How convenient.

Democrats have been searching for excuses to confiscate your wealth for over a hundred years and suddenly, they have it. Or, perhaps not. Most Americans don’t believe it. Most citizens in New Hampshire do not believe it. A majority of them could care less. Even NH democrats don’t see it as much of a priority.


Could it be that nothing in their day to day lives suggests these cult-like rantings are true. As it turns out, they are not.


Greenland’s 10,000-year ice-core temperature record is not kind to Mr. Pappas’ deception.


An analysis of locally recorded record highs by US states since 1890 suggest more problems.


US high-Temperature trends do not support the claim. Even a more forgiving view of the last ten thousand years destroys the premise.


Which tells us what?

That there are scientists and science and records that contradicts fearmongering suspiciously aligned with a partisan political priority. Political patronage lacking solid value or substance.