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HQ2 – Amazon Ditches New York Because of Ocasio-Cortez and ‘Never Amazon’


The contradictions of Socialism live and breathe in the youthful-energetic person of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Her utopian future requires lots of other people’s money. At the same time, she’s ensuring that there isn’t any money to take. That’s socialism. And we’ve got a recent example. Ocasio-COrtz’ ‘Never Amazon’ campaign.

Amazon has been looking for a place to plant HQ2. Its second headquarters. New York City offered it massive tax cuts and incentives. They wanted the promised 25,000 new jobs and all the benefits that come with that. Amazon agreed and picked Long Island City Queens. After which a small group (comparably speaking) set about doing whatever they could to keep Amazon out.

For that I commend them.

Plopping a massive corporate campus anywhere is going to require adjustments. Traffic congestion, housing, there are dozens of concerns. All of them valid. But the utopian unicorns only feed on other peoples money. And Amazon’s presence would have provided a lot of that even with the tax breaks. But not now.

But three months of sustained opposition from state and local officials, including Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., finally drove Amazon to cancel its plan to build a new campus in Long Island City, across the East River from Manhattan — and put an end to potentially 25,000 jobs the move might have brought to New York City.

Socialists Omelette’s Require Lots of Other People’s Eggs

NBC News NY adds that Amazon was “looking at ways to make a positive impact on the community, to work together with small business owners and make a difference there.” They wanted partners to work with and what they found was a hostile environment. Proponents are pissed. Those opposed are ecstatic, including Ocasio-Cortez.

“I think it’s incredible,” she told reporters in Washington, D.C. “It shows that everyday Americans still have the power to organize and fight for their communities.”

Until the Federal government wipes out local control and controls everything from DC, then runs out of other people’s money, right AOC?

That’s how this always ends.

So, bravo for defending your plucky bergs from the corporate behemoth. But remember that your very expensive government is going to have to cut spending in the state and in Utopia, the people hit hardest are the ones who bought your ridiculous government-as-god vision in the first place.