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Empress Susan Almy – More Interested in Her “Testimony” Than Yours

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I find it interesting how spending that New Hampshire Democrats “authorize” is an investment in New Hampshire. We need to dump more tax dollars into UNH. Look at the economic benefits. But, spending they don’t control is not – like the State’s Education Scholarship Tax Credit (ETC).

Businesses can invest in the education of children, primarily from lower-income families. Help them find educational opportunities that fit their needs. Help them succeed. Tomorrow’s leaders. Invest in the future. But at the first opportunity, Democrats try to shut that down because they don’t control the spending or what passes for the “learning” that goes with it.

Leading this charge at repeal is Democrat Ways and Means Chair Susan Almy. She is tasked with overseeing the committees public hearings on this legislation. But by all accounts, she seems more interested in hearing herself speak. Condescending to those who made time, taxpayers, students, business owners, to defend the ETC.

Susan Almy seems to think that New Hampshire holds public hearings so the people can hear how Susan Almy feels about the bill, your testimony, or you. Using her position as Committee Chair to condescend to little people whose ideas do not align with her own.

One Quick Example

I was informed of two young ladies who gave testimony and found themselves subject to Almy’s condescending intolerance. Students who made time to express their concern about the State repealing the education tax credit. For the benefit of other students, not themselves. 

Almy blurts out something to the effect of, “do you go to a Catholic School?” to which they answer yes. Almy dismisses their testimony. “This is a constitutional issue.”

Mark the Calendar. A ranking New Hampshire Democrat suddenly cared about the Constitution. Why? Because a court agreed to rule (at least partly) in the direction she required with regard to religious schools. One which Almy appears to believe justifies her bigotry and indifference.

But Almy isn’t at all concerned with the Constitution or legal status of the Education Tax Credit. If that were true, the Democrat majority would spike the bill. It has survived legal scrutiny. It is a legitimate exercise of free association which, as a reminder to Susan Almy, is protected by the Frist Amendment.

For the Left Education is not About Learning, It Is About Control

Democrats are greedy for money and power even if it means ignoring Constitutional restraints on that power. Even if it means robbing low-income families and kids of private investments in a future they get to choose. Because like the money, to the left, the children aren’t yours either.

Empress Susan Almy is a perfect example. An Education Ebenezer Scrooge. Looking at you over her glasses with disdain. You burden her with your bothersome public comment. Waste her time. She isn’t the least bit interested in your opinions. Moving stories of disadvantaged kids who excelled outside her control are fake news. Homeschool kids are a plague on the institution. That’s why the religious nuts have to wait in the hall. 

But don’t pray for any sort of redemption.

The only “ghosts” that visit her sleep are those Union Lobbyists, past, present, and future — securing their monopoly on the minds of your children. An increasingly expensive proposition for taxpayers with less than remarkable results. Outcomes challenged every day by homeschoolers and religious schools that produce far better results at a fraction of the cost.

But then, it’s not about results for Democrats; it is about control. And Ways and Means Chair Susan Almy is not about to relinquish control.

Note: A second hearing is planned. We’d like some video of Chair Almy’s performance, please.