Emerson Poll: NH Youth Love Bernie, Trump Trounces Weld, Shaheen-Sununu Tied

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We’ve had our share of polls of late. Mostly Democrat. Taking the temperature of locals as to which cookie-cutter socialist wanna-be Trump challenger they’re most drawn. Until today the leader in every poll has been the aged but otherwise reliable but creepy (and undeclared) candidate Joe Biden. Did I say until today?

Emerson poll Feb 2019 Democrats Pres NH

The Emerson poll shows Bernie Sanders with a 2-point lead over Biden, which is different from the previous reporting, but not the reason for my interest. Sanders earns 44% of the support among 18-34-year-olds. A point The Libertarian Republic notes is more than the next four candidates combined.

The young Bolsheviks if you like are still smitten with Sanders. An old, corrupt, millionaire, career politician who has never done an honest day’s work in his adult life. 

What an excellent role model.

This poll has two other bits of interesting New Hampshire News for Republicans.

Trump leads Bill Weld among Republican primary voters 82% to 18%.

Trump v Weld NH 2020 Emerson Poll

And if two-term NN Governor Chris Sununu were to run against Democrat Jeanne Shaheen for the US Senate (he’s said he’s not interested), they are tied at 44% with 12% undecided.

Sununu Shaheen 2020 Senate Emerson Poll

I wonder if this Poll, in any way, changes his position on challenging Senator Shaheen for her spot in Washington?