Did Nashua's Drag Queen Teen Time Have People Planted in the Audience to Ask "Questions?" - Granite Grok

Did Nashua’s Drag Queen Teen Time Have People Planted in the Audience to Ask “Questions?”

Drag Queen Time Nashua Library

The Nashua Pubic Library (that’s not a typo) recently expanded its horizons by giving children a chance to meet, listen to, and question a professional Drag Queen. The Conservative Tribune has a story about another Drag Queen Storytime event planned in Philadelphia with some interesting revelations.

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According to the report Drag Queen Brittany Lynn (Ian Morrison) has a GoFundMe (that’s Fund) account running to finance his tour. Beginning with the children’s (get this) Touch Me Museum where you can learn about some of the planning and execution.

Morrison accurately writes that “children know nothing of gender roles at their young age,” but he thankfully has a solution. He claims to be working with five child educators, whose roles revolve around guiding parents with seemingly gender-confused children.

“More importantly, this program will be addressing questions that kids may want to ask but are afraid to ask in front of their parents, peers, or others,” Morrison writes. “These questions will be asked during pivitol (sic) points of the program AND will be asked by PUPPETS planted in the audience along with their puppeteers.”

Child Educators planted in the audience. Puppets asking questions at pivotal moments. Sounds like an Obama or Hillary Clinton ‘Townhall.’ And don’t forget. Children know nothing of gender roles at their young age. Let’s use the Pubic Library (still not a typo) to mess with their heads a bit.

It’s like a Franchise

I get the sense that this is the formula. So, were there planted questions at the Nashua Pubic Library  (still, still not a typo) event? Stephen Scaer was there and shared his observations here.

The event was repeatedly interrupted by women in the audience shouting, “you’re gorgeous,” and bursts of applause as he described his struggles with his sexual identity. …

A girl who described herself as a 13-year old “bio queen” asked if she could become a drag queen, and expressed concern that “one of her parents was against it.”

There were serval other suspicious questions from younger kids as well.

Stephen will have a better sense, but my experience with how the left tries to move the culture (or politics) suggests that all of these events include planned questions or remarks from “the audience.”

At another point in the program, he suggested that children whose parents weren’t accepting of his lifestyle would “need to find new parents.”

I’d be shocked if they did not. This is, after all, another flank in the war. Separate Faith from everything, women from families, love from sex, and unborn children from mothers. And when children survive, separating them from one or both parents (but one is easier). The education establishment even trains teachers in Ed Schools to work on that.

It’s not a coincidence.