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Democrat Culture Inspires Assault on Students Who Support President Trump

MAGA Hat As Free Speech

Democrat leadership means a lot of things to a lot of people. But most of them feel the message is much simpler. Assault Trump supporters anywhere you find them. Assault Republicans. And it’s not a new message. Our own Governor Hassan, now US Senator Hassan, thought assaulting political opponents was funny as far back as 2012.

The then former State Senator was running for Governor when another Democrat State Senator’s campaign manager made a joke about beating Republicans. Beat them with a bat, with your hands, with your feet. She laughed. A room full of Democrats laughed. Abuse is part of their culture.

Hassan’s Response to mocking abuse: That’s a good answer. They laughed, but they were not kidding.

We’ve seen it magnified in the age of Trump. And not just from Hassan’s Interns.

Assaults are common. Hoaxes abound. And the media is happily complicit in using its megaphone to advertise negative stereotypes that are not just false but perpetuate a discriminatory atmosphere of hate and a complete disregard for differences of opinion. 

Video footage shows the moment an Oklahoma high school student knocked a “Make American Great Again” hat off the head of a fellow student.

The black student is facing a potential criminal charge after being captured on video knocking off the hat in addition to grabbing a “Trump 2020” flag from the other student, a white teenager, at Edmond Santa Fe High School.

“Take it off or I’ll rip it off … do you want me to rip it off?” the student said before knocking the hat off.

There’s no need for any of that. But we know from where it comes. Liberals in the media. Democrats in elected office. They are telling people to go out and harass Republicans. Get in their faces. It’s getting out of hand. People are getting hurt. And the left needs to own it.

It is more common than you’ll ever know

Here’s a short list from of recent examples of this institutionalized abuse on the left. Some you’ll have heard about most you will not.

Earlier in February, cellphone footage showed Rosaine Santos, 41, assaulting a Trump supporter who was sitting at a bar in a restaurant. Santos is now facing deportation after being discovered by federal immigration authorities as an illegal alien.

Also in February, an employee at a Vans store in Kansas told a 14-year-old boy wearing a MAGA hat: “[Expletive] you,” reported the Daily Caller. The employee was fired.

Around the same time, a Kentucky man was arrested after witnesses said he pulled a gun on a man wearing a MAGA hat inside a Sam’s Club.

In California, a man was captured punching a conservative activist who was recruiting for the group Turning Point USA. The attack was celebrated by an employee of the University of California, Berkeley, where the attack occurred. The employee said: “Oh my god the MAGA people on UC Berkeley campus got punched in the face by someone this makes me feel emotionally so much better.”

A California chef in January said anyone wearing a MAGA hat would be refused service in his restaurant but he later apologized and lifted the ban.

Also in January, high school students wearing MAGA hats were smeared by national media outlets, celebrities, and others. The teenagers received death threats from many, including a Hollywood producer. Lawsuits against those who libeled the students are planned, and the first was filed in mid-February against the Washington Post.

There are more, and we should expect more. This is embedded in their Party culture. Democrat Socialism, all forms of Socialism, use violence and intimidation to silence dissent. Party leaders look the other way or openly advocate it. They even make excuses for it. So, what we should not expect is for Democrats to apologize for it, or dial it back. It’s who they are.

And it is why they want to deny us our fundamental right to self-defense.