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BlogLine of the Day – The Democrat Slippery Slope concerning babies

Post birth abortion

In just over a decade and a half, Democrats have gone from “safe, legal, and rare abortions” to “kill ’em all and don’t stop when they’re born.” Many of us warned that the first slogan would lead eventually to the second. We take no pleasure in our vindication.

From US Senator Jeanne Shaheen (DS*-NH) overriding a valid NH Executive Council vote to defund Planned Parenthood abortions by rushing in Federal funds to Governor Northam (DS*-VA)  to the recent vote by the DS Senators on US Senator Ben Sasse bill that babies born as a result of a botched abortion, the DS* Party has just shown us that Life doesn’t matter when it is an innocent baby.

Sorry, but I have to say one of their favorite sayings (don’t worry, I’ll bleach out my tongue later): “That’s not who we are as a country”.  Normal, decent people will do anything they could to rescue a baby but these Democrats just voted to let the baby die. But, then again, Planned Parenthood is their church of choice (yeah, a really bad, deadly pun).

And THEY want to lecture us about Morality?

(H/T: WALSH: You Can No Longer Be A Decent Person And A Democrat)

DS* – Democrat Socialists, or, just plain Socialists.  After all, they wouldn’t/couldn’t tell us the difference between a Democrat and a Socialist.  Now, the Democrats are pushing each other aside to proclaim they are the most Socialist of them all.

Remember, too: Socialist and Communist nations, once derided as Godless even by Democrats, were big proponents of abortion (and China’s one-child policy which enforced mandatory abortions – and sterilization – for over 35 years).