Democrat's Hypocritical Reaction to Gas Prices Revisited - Granite Grok

Democrat’s Hypocritical Reaction to Gas Prices Revisited

pumping gasOn March 20th, 2014 I produced (what I thought was) a useful visual aid. It demonstrated the truth about Democrat “feelings” and “concern” for the impact of average US retail gas prices on “Working Americans” and or “American Families.” They don’t care.

It showed how, when George Bush was President, it was a huge issue. Democrats running for office in 2008 ran on it. While Gas was between three and four-dollars per gallon under Obama, four approximately four years, Democrats had nothing to say. They didn’t talk about it. It didn’t concern them.

History repeats itself, so it’s time for a new visual aid to help demonstrate the truth about the left and the cost of motor fuel.

First, here’s the original from 2014.

Democrat response to gas prices

And here’s the amendment.

Dem Response to US Gas Prices 2009-2018 (2)

The arrow continues off into the future because it makes no difference what the price of gas is or its impact on the regular Americans who Democrats are otherwise content to refer to as white supremacist bigots.

They don’t care. They don’t care about you, your children, your family, your neighbors, or your employer. And they don’t care about what effect gas prices have unless they can leverage them into political power.

Gas prices are but one of many examples and given all the left-wing bitching of late it seemed like an appropriate time to remind you.

While we’re reminding you of things. The same folks who are suddenly on a care-bear bender over gas prices are running for office this November on raising taxes on you, your family, your neighbors, and your employer,

And they don’t care about what increasing taxes does to you either; They are only interested in how it helps them grow more government.