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Will a ‘no guns’ sticker protect State House?

“If the Democrats in the State House don’t trust their fellow legislators, do you think they trust you?… Why do they expect to be in fear of violence from their constituents?


The new Democrat majority in Concord is planning to assault your Constitution. They are planning to ban firearms from Representatives Hall and possibly the State House. They believe they have the power to override the Constitution in House Rules. It is important to realize that this isn’t the first time they’ve resorted to disarming they’re constituents. In fact it’s kind of their modus operandi. They banned firearms from the State House in 2009. Yesterday, the first day of the new session, Democrats made a change to Rule 63 to prohibit carrying firearms on the floor of the House, and in the gallery. There is suspicion that they will seek to ban firearms in the rest of the complex via the Facilities Committee.

Banning firearms from the State House is not only an assault on our state Constitution. It presents a real problem for legislators who, given the fact that the session begins in the dead of winter, often have to walk across the capital to their car alone after dark. It leaves them open to assault, robbery and rape. They will be defenseless.  More importantly it is a problem for members of the general public who come to testify on legislation, and would choose to carry a firearm for self-defense.

Will the Democrats provide armed security for people going between their cars and their business in the State House? I doubt it. Will the Democrats require the state to accept financial liability for anyone injured or killed in an assault in the State House complex? Definitely not. They don’t believe in self-defense, at least not for others.

Will the Democrats install any kind of security to make it more difficult to smuggle a gun into the State House, and the rest of the complex? They didn’t last time. What did they do? They put little stickers on the window of the doors, a picture of a hand gun with a slash through it. That will stop terrorists! Lord knows that terrorists respect stickers, and criminals obey the law.

If banning guns isn’t implemented in a manner that will impede criminals from bringing firearms into the State House, to whom is the change aimed? It is aimed at only those who obey the law. Remember, most mass firearm assaults have been carried out in gun-free zones, where law-abiding citizens were unable to defend themselves. Stickers don’t stop outlaws, but they do advertise the location of victims; more victims, more anti-gun laws.

If the Democrats in the State House don’t trust their fellow legislators, do you think they trust you? What will be their next assault on the second amendment? In Massachusetts you can’t buy pepper spray without permission from the government.

Is this a method of discrimination against those who chose to carry firearms? I think so. Is this a way to intimidate those who believe in the Constitution from testifying on legislation? Probably. If they want to intimidate people from speaking in Concord, what will be their next assault on freedom of speech?

One wonders what extremist legislation the Democrats are planning. Why are they afraid of how the people in the gallery may act? Why do they expect to be in fear of violence from their constituents? If they plan to override your natural right of self-defense with House Rules, what other provisions of the Constitution will they seek to override. Let their imagination run away with you.

Every legislator in that room took an oath on December 5, to uphold the Constitutions, and that includes preserving the right of self defense (Article 2), and the bearing of arms to do so (Article 2-a). If you believe in the natural right of self defense as recognized in our state and federal Constitutions, you need to call or email Democratic state representatives and the Speaker of the House, Steve Shurtleff. Tell them to honor their oath of office.