Road Show – GraniteGrok at the NH GOP Convention

First road show event for GraniteGrok of the new year – and hoping all the new gear will help us to bring a lot of livestreaming of political yakking and coverage of what’s going on in the auditorium.  We can’t guarantee sparks and fireworks like there’s been in years past but hey, who knows what will happen.  We’ll try to grab interesting characters floating by and get them to sit down with us and tell us what they think has been happening, what is going on, and predictions of the new Session – and of course, FITN Primary goings on over the next two years.

Join us!

Pinkerton Academy
5 Pinkerton St
Londonderry, NH  03038-1501

Doors open at 7:45 for NH GOP Committee members and Media; the Event itself kicks into gear at 9am.