Prediction: Leftists will Try to Abscond 'Yellow Vest' Movement in US - Granite Grok

Prediction: Leftists will Try to Abscond ‘Yellow Vest’ Movement in US

Brexit Means Exit - Yellow Vest in UK

The next wave of left-wing sanctioned violence in America could come under cover of a yellow-vest movement. It will advance leftist priorities through intimidation and violence.

I think they have to try. The movement that began in France was in objection to globalist left-wing devotion to carbon taxes that made life unlivable for rural residents. The government eventually caved under stress and pressure from the sometimes violent protests.

Now we’ve got a yellow vest movement popping up across the UK. Their goals are not so narrow, but one common theme is that Brexit means exit.

The police response seems over the top to some, so violence appears inevitable.

Tense scenes have started as the Police appear to be moving in heavy-handed with some of the Yellow Vests describing them as ‘stormtroopers’.

And if violence is inevitable, then the American left is the only real home for a movement on this side of the pond.

Though I would not be surprised if the “fund the wall folks” got to it first. And if they do, they will be framed by the left as Nazi, racist, xenophobe, haters. Wearing a yellow vest will make you a target for left-wing violence. Or, the left will still wear them to make sure any violence is blamed on the right.

So, same old progressive whore attacking a new “dress.”