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France Caves on Fuel Taxes – Offers 6-Month Reprieve to Examine Options

Yellow Vests France Fire Fuel Taxes

The French Prime Minister has announced that the planet will survive without the French imposing regressive taxes on fuel or utilities. For 6-months. During that time the government will consider it’s options. And the protesters will consider theirs. How to make 6-months into something more permanent.

The French government’s decision to suspend fuel tax and utility price hikes Tuesday did little to appease protesters, who called the move a “first step” and vowed to fight on after large-scale rioting in Paris last weekend.

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We reported on the yellow-vest movement on Thanksgiving. At the time the group was only blocking traffic. Over the next few days, their #resistence grew both in size and frustration. Violence became common as smoke from fires clouded Paris skies. (Talk about a carbon footprint!)

Opposite Day

Given this reaction does the world, not suddenly seems a bit backward? The French, who are married to a ruling class model or top-down control are protesting tax hikes. Opposing arbitrary mandates from on high. Refusing to pay for the policy concerns of elites (global warming). Meanwhile, across the Pond, in the land of the Free and the Home or the Brave, the #resistance is using violence to hike taxes and grow government interference.

I confess I am not a fan of the violence. Certainly not to create a militant state with a monopoly right to force. But I guess it works for France. Even students took the opportunity to apply some pressure.

In the nearby port city of Marseille, students clashed with police outside a high school. Student protests blocked or otherwise disrupted about 100 high schools around the country blocked or otherwise disrupted by student protests Tuesday, according to the French Education Ministry. Many of the demonstrations were over a new university application system.

As for France, as I noted in my original article, I’m not familiar with their politics. Just that they have a history of going on strike and making a mess of things to get their way. Something that is a lot harder to do in a country as large as America.

But it worked for them. They got the attention of a ruling class that the day before had made it clear they were not budging. Twenty-Four hours later they budged. And while the elites weigh their options the yellow-vests have vowed to keep the pressure on until the taxes are not even on the table.

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