Male Bodies and Female Bodies are Inconsistent Colonial Constructs that Do Not Exist. - Granite Grok

Male Bodies and Female Bodies are Inconsistent Colonial Constructs that Do Not Exist.


Over on the far left flank of the culture war, you will find some “interesting” opinions. I don’t spend too much time (way, way, way) over there because, well, this. Twitchy shared a throwdown between married gay conservative Chad Felix Greene and someone named Indya Moore. It’s like being “trans”-ported to another dimension — a place where Male Bodies and Female Bodies are Inconsistent Colonial Constructs that Do Not Exist.

You can scroll through the thread here where Chad is defending reality. Be prepared. You will find a plethora of constructs to challenge the rules of biology, sanity, and sense. For my part, I want to focus on the  “argument” that differences in actual human bodies are not real. And not because it is low hanging fruit.

Some very unhappy people are sharing this as the next new fact about human evolution. And while Chad says it’s silly I’m taking that up a notch. It’s crazy.

The giveaway that this is an ongoing psychotic episode and not a cogent worldview is the world colonial. This smear is a foundation of a manifold of presumptions found at the far end of the gender-studies wormhole. A colonial construct is something created by white cis-gendered (mostly) European expansionists. The term connotes oppression, racism, sexism, bigotry, and moral oppression.

And I’m down with the notion that certain religious or cultural beliefs and practices include moral challenges to which flawed humans instinctively object. I also know that in the absence of at least a few of them you invite problems that necessitate the sort of government that is truly oppressive. 

But the idea that the differences in male and female bodies are a colonial construct is absurd.

Pre-Colonial Human Bodies Existed

If we limit ourselves to colonialism as defined by the traditional angry-intolerant-gender-studies-era we are looking at less than 400 years. Men and women have been coupling for a tad longer than that. A very liberal estimate would be more than two million years. Depending on how far you’d like to take the concept of “human” we can go further. Animals with wombs have been placing tab A in Slot B for 160 million years give or take.

The versions of humans that look like us appear around 130,000 years ago.

The idea that Male Bodies and Female Bodies are a colonial construct is absurd because male and female bodies have a 129,600-year head start on colonialism. And for most of that time, humans did not have time to waste on empty-headed nonsense. The didn’t get grants to live on while they wrote papers about the cultural-Marxist-big-bang theory. The actual physical difference between men and women defined those roles.

We can agree that times have changed at those no longer apply because they don’t. But that doesn’t justify the abuse of the free time we’ve carved out for ourselves on expressions of intellectual nonsense. Or the actual oppression that results from refusing to buy into whatever fantasy clouds a given individuals mind.

Gender Studies is a Cultural Marxist Construct

Gender studies as an intellectual pursuit has no interest in reality. It’s mental foreplay whose job is to impregnate reality with things that lead inexorably toward collapse. In this instance, of American exceptionalism, the constitutional Republic, and the foundation of liberty that has freed more people from poverty and actual oppression than any other exercise in all of human existence.

To paraphrase Chad, they are assumptions to validate a self-created worldview. One that happens to align with a corrosive political agenda. But even in that context,  Men and women are still different. If they weren’t no one would need hormone therapies to change their “gender,” and there’d be no sexual reassignment surgeries.

Colonialism has nothing to do with it. 

And no, they will not just leave it alone. Even if you sit quietly and pretend none of this is happening.