A look at the Climate Cult's Expert Fraudster in Chief - No, Not Al Gore, an actual "Scientist." - Granite Grok

A look at the Climate Cult’s Expert Fraudster in Chief – No, Not Al Gore, an actual “Scientist.”

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James Hansen is the scientist’s scientist when it comes to Climate. From his perch, at NASA, he’s been leading “the consensus” since the late ’70s. Leaping from “we’re doomed to freeze” to “we’re doomed to boil.” And don’t forget about the Climate Cult’s diluvial fantasy. The story of the great flood that generations from now (or maybe just now) is told to scare children into submission to the will and the word of the all-knowing state.

And its ‘scientists.’

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A state with a go-to ‘expert’ like Jim Hansen. The guy politicians and celebrities cite when looking to make a splash in rising seas or the ice-free Arctic. A “scientist” who has also been wrong about nearly everything (like Al Gore). Not the least of which is a remark the press jumped on ten years ago.

June 24th, 2008.

“We see a tipping point right before our eyes. The Arctic is the first tipping point and it is occurring exactly the way we predicted.”

Hansen, echoing work by other scientists, said that in five to ten years the Arctic will be free of ice in summer.

It wasn’t occurring “exactly as predicted” then. It isn’t occurring at all (not just 5 But) ten years later. Not even close.

Ice extent Jan 3 2019We’ve yet to see this mythical ice-free Arctic summer. And while you can probably find millions of hits on Google about how hot is up north, like in Alaska, the ice keeps growing. It has nearly returned to the 1981-2010 average.

Isn’t that the wrong direction?

I’m not a climate scientists (despite having at least as much “experience” as Al Gore) but shouldn’t there be less ice?

God told Noah his purpose to destroy the wicked world by water

Hansen’s more notorious prediction, though less well advertised, was the flooding of Manhatten. Not just flooding but massive flooding.

NASA Climate Expert Jim Hansen has been insisting for years that parts of Manhattan will be underwater sometime between 2008 and 2018, because of Global Warming. He’s been sounding the alarm(ism) on this since the late 80’s. In 2001 he doubled-down on his own climate fear-mongering.

Skip checked in (circa 2018), and to no one’s surprise, nothing had changed. New York’s sea level was the same. Hansen was as wrong as ever. And the apocalyptic doomsaying of Hansen and his Climate Cult peers continued.

They are still projecting doom, just a few more years into the future. And where needed, far enough that they won’t be around be made fun of by bloggers and other scientists (deniers). Protected by the media and the memory hole. 

Which brings us back to July of 2008. The first tipping point, right before our eyes, that Hansen was a complete loon whose scientific opinion on climate was as meaningless as it was in 1978.