GraniteGrok Endorses in Both the NHGOP Race for Chairman and Vice-Chairman - Granite Grok

GraniteGrok Endorses in Both the NHGOP Race for Chairman and Vice-Chairman

NHGOP Republican Elephant

This may or may not come as a surprise, but has decided to make an endorsement in both the race for NHGOP Chairman and Vice-Chairman. For those unfamiliar with our process, it works like this. We ask all of our authors to vote. There are at least twenty (most of who write infrequently). But they are all Groksters, so their opinion counts. Not everyone votes just like the real world.

This is also a Grok site vote, not a “Republican” vote. And while we have Republicans, we have quite a few registered Independents and even one Democrat. But they are all pro-liberty, Conservataitain types. If you read us, you understand.

You should also understand that the results do not represent the opinion of any single contributor to They are the result of a simple majority vote for any given candidate.

I should also point out that there was a good deal of discussion about why we would endorse in these races. A lot of good points were made for and against but at the end of the day given how much time we spend bashing Republicans and the Republican party I felt we should vote even if the winner was “abstain.”

Pretending we didn’t have some stake in the outcome didn’t hold water with me. We will hold them to account regardless of who wins. That has always been our way.

So, tomorrow is the Republican State Party meeting. A few of us will be blogging and reporting from Pinkerton Academy before, during, and after. If you are going to be there come find us and say hello. Or, say something else. It doesn’t even have to be kind. But be warned, we’ll probably write about it.

Granitegrok.coms endorsements for NHGOP Chairman and Vice Chairman

NHGOP Chairman
Steve Stepanek

NHGOP Vice-Chair
Pam Tucker

Final note: regardless of who is running for any office or who wins our policy with regard to the NHGOP (at any and every level) is unchanged.

We are not here for the party, the party is here for us. And we will defend the principles, whether you choose to or not. Which is why we keep this handy.