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Another Female Student Who Cried Rape Charged for False Accusation

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A few years ago the Obama administration decided to make rape political. It issued guidance suggesting 1 in 5 women in college were being sexually assaulted. It had nothing to do with sexual assault. Democrats could care less about women, even the ones who vote for them.

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Stop kidding yourselves, they don’t. The moment you step out of line you’ll be on the receiving end of the progressive “love” machine that regularly wishes sexual assault or violence on conservative women

And no, it wasn’t sexist or bigoted of them to assume what a woman was – liberals are allowed to ignore their own cultural tyranny when it suits them. Although I’d be interested in the court case where a “woman” with a penis was accused of sexually assaulting a  ‘woman’ with a vagina. Or, maybe switch that around. “Woman” with a penis “raped” by a woman with a vagina. The trial of the century or just another day on the Jerry Springer show?

Blame The Left

That is where the left has taken the culture. A place where the campus star-chambers allow accusers to express guilt or anger over personal choices. Often with a willing media there to light the fire at the feet of the accused. Against individuals whom they know have no due process rights in that environment.

A ‘choice’ that has increasingly landed women in actual courts for false accusations.

We’ve documented a few (like this). The latest example hit the news wire in late December.

Nikole P. Tucker, 20, was charged with misdemeanor counts of falsely reporting an incident and making a punishable false written statement in connection with a Dec. 16 report that a man raped her in her room at the Queensbury college campus, according to the Warren County Sheriff’s Office.

Tucker claims she was forcibly raped. But her online activity and text messages with the accused told a different story. They met through an online dating service. Conversed via text. Evidence that proved the hook-up was consensual.

The two had met through an online dating website, and he is not a student at the college. Tucker admitted she made a false report when confronted with evidence that belied her claims, authorities said.

As we have recited repeatedly on these pages, rape is a real crime of violence. A case that is difficult enough to prove in a legitimate investigation. By diluting the public perception and the clogging the judicial system with false accusation to satisfy infantile expressions of rage against another person harms other women.

You are not doing the sisterhood any favors. You are probably harming them.

Stop it.

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