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Female Student Gets One Year in Jail For False Rape Accusation

hoax keyboard Hate crime hoaxesIn early May we reported on a case in which Nikki Yovino was on trial for falsely accusing two Sacred Heart University Football Players of rape. The male students had their scholarships dropped effectively expelling them, the College taking Yovino’s claim as gospel without an actual investigation.

Police eventually determined that she lied and if found guilty could serve up to six years in jail. Yovino has copped a plea that would reduce that to one year.

According to the College Fix,

Connecticut Post reports that Yovino agreed to plead guilty to “two counts of second-degree falsely reporting an incident and one count of interfering with police,” all misdemeanors. 

Yovino first reported the gang rape to local police but later admitted that she only made the claim to get sympathy from a potential boyfriend. That’ll make a story for ‘share’ at the nearest women’s prison.

Sacred Heart, meanwhile, denies that it did anything inappropriate regarding the young men with whom Yovin had consensual sex. But College Fix notes that had Yovino gone first to the college; she probably would never have been found out.

As noted previously here,

Under thetrauma informed” investigations adopted by many colleges and some police departments, Yovino’s alleged false claims would not have been revealed.

According to the CT Post,

[The Plea deal] “This was a very difficult decision for Nikki, and a sad day for her and her family,” O’Neill said later. “She will now begin the process of healing and rehabilitation as she awaits her final sentence.”

More difficult than ruining other people’s lives?

Frank Riccio II, who represents the two former football players, said both are considering suing Yovino.

“While this disposition does not replace that which the boys lost, it does send a powerful message that lying about a serious incident carries serious consequences,” Riccio said.


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