‘Drop the class immediately if you are triggered by free speech’

I made sure, on the first day of my class last semester, to tell my students that I was not politically correct.  I also told them that, unlike a lot of professors nowadays from what I read, that I will never take class time to preach my politics to them – only occasionally using an example from politics that would fit the software point I was trying to make (like “things are not always what they seem to be”).  This guy, however, went me one further (reformatted, emphasis mine):

A professor has taken a novel approach when it comes to dealing with the increasing number of students railing against and even shutting down academic ideas they don’t agree with: a contract.  James “Duke” Pesta, an associate professor of English at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, presents a two-page contract to his students on the first day of class that asks them to drop the course if they are “triggered” or offended by certain ideas or beliefs.

What does the contract say? “In this course, we study literature from cultures that existed before you were born. Their world is not our world. Their beliefs may not be our beliefs. No one asks you to believe or endorse any premise, attitude, precept, theology, political system, or ideology contained in these books or expressed in class. Nor will you ever lose points or be docked grades because of your opinion (written, oral, or otherwise),” the contract’s Statement of Purpose reads, the College Fix said.

“We will not malign or trivialize these texts because they do not always parrot our values. We will not assume these books are racist, sexist, or homophobic because of the period in which they were written, or because of the race, class, gender, or religion of the authors,” the contract also says, the outlet reported. “People who approach alien cultures with such preconceived notions are bigots masquerading as critically sophisticated advocates, often in the name of ‘social justice.’ Persons who so diminish the past are neither social nor just, especially when they compel students to adopt their biases.”

Please drop the class immediately if you are triggered by free speech, the free exchange of ideas, or people who express and defend ideas or opinions that differ from your own. Please drop the class immediately if you are triggered by open, direct, and adult discussion of issues, including but not limited to issues of faith, war, violence, race, gender, and sexuality. Please drop the class immediately if you are triggered by recurring encounters with heterosexuality, traditional gender identities, sympathetic representations of Christianity (or religion in general), positive examples of free markets or capitalism, or unapologetic encounters with patriotism, hierarchies, or meritocracy-based institutions or attitudesPlease drop the class immediately if you feel entitled to censor the thoughts or words of others or insist they tailor their language or attitudes to your preferences.

In short – I don’t care what you think….because you are wrong and wrong headed.  You can’t take the mores of today and brand “GUILTY!” what happened before you were born with respect to speech and activities JUST BECAUSE you’re an incipient SJW wishing to foist your censorial attitude against those that you just have a disagreement with.  I think he pretty much called these self-described “hep and wise” ones to be what they really are: mere”children” who are aching to be speech totalitarians.  I’m not sure that he even missed a beat in encapsulating pretty much that makes colleges students do their dead end dance (and yes, talk about mental midget meldowns, pretty much everything he listed would send a lot of these skulls full of mush into absolute tremors).

And of course, he learned it the hard way – well, that’s what happens when you’re in the “College of Liberal Arts” where Liberal does mean illiberal fascism by the rants and action by students against those that tread a different intellectual path.  And he knows that there’s no such thing, like in most of politics, there’s nothing like “having your back” like the academic bureaucrats and management that are too cowardly (or, more like it, agreeing with) to stand up to the students in telling them to knock it off – sit, shut up, and PLEASE try to learn something that your in-hock-over-their-eyeballs-to-send-you-here parents think you’re getting instead of mouthing off at the smallest slight.

Yeah, it seems those latter days where students were treated exactly like what they are – young students – are gone:

Pesta — a conservative — told the outlet in an interview that he’s used his contract for three semesters and a less-specific version for about eight years. “I have learned through personal experience that university administrators and equity officers are often not willing to defend classroom speech, even if that speech is taken directly from books or used to explain them,” he told the College Fix.

‘Intrusive investigatory process just by complaining’ “Students are now keenly aware that they can put professors through an intrusive investigatory process just by complaining, even without any corroborating evidence. I have even had department heads who allow students to substitute required classes for other courses just because students complain about what they have ‘heard’ a professor’s classes are like,” Pesta added to the outlet. “My contract is an attempt to make it harder for these kangaroo court investigations to be launched in the first place.”

Yup, the inmates have taken over the insane asylum.  They came to learn but decided they were going to teach those there were given that responsibility. Actually, the parents (who fund much of their kids’ educations) ought to be signing up for multiple class action suits – we paid, we expect you to TEACH our children instead of running some kind of spitting fight club AND they get indoctrinated instead of learning.  Should not only take on the Professors but really go after the Administration for this miscarriage of a private contract

And yes, I also told my students that I would not be giving out any of these:

Pesta told the College Fix he finds trigger warnings — which inform students in advance that subject matter might offend them — “appalling from an educational standpoint.”

“But I have come to realize that they may have more utility for professors than students,” he added to the outlet. “It’s one more way to try and indemnify yourself from malicious and unfounded complaints by driving away at the outset students who only want their own preconceived ideas validated.”

Heh!  Professors inoculating themselves against their own students?  For those that merely wish to teach the subject matter at hand, this is a sad state of affairs.  At least for me in the STEM area, most professors don’t have to deal with this YET – but it will come as it has already destroyed much of the other Liberal Art programs and completely overtaken the “soft” sciences.  Another reason, along with the Feminazis that have taken over with their gender grievance studies, why men especially are eschewing going to college and are starting to realize that going right into the trades out of high school, not carrying that massive college debt, and then getting wealthier by starting their own companies is a far better way to go.

Or, in my field, just get certifications – sometimes more valuable than a 4 year degree (although community colleges have already caught onto this – the Eldest is now using his classes to rack up a number of difficult certifications).

Back to the post – I do like this part:

How have students reacted to the contract?

Pesta told the College Fix that students so far have been willing to sign his contract.

“I’ve not encountered a student yet who would not sign,” he added to the outlet. “I do tell them, when I pass it out the first day, that if they refuse to sign they will have to meet with me sometime during the first week of classes to discuss the contract and make sure we’re on the same page.”

Yep – would like to be a fly on the wall for that one. I can imagine some of the conversations that have already been had.  In other words, “stronger language alert” (tee-hee!)

(H/T: The Blaze)