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Democrats love Illegal Aliens more than Americans

Some people say Democrat politicians care more about illegal aliens than about American citizens.  There are millions of American victims of illegal aliens:  victims of crime, accidents, diseases, loss of jobs and lower wages, crowded and bankrupted hospitals, crowded and degraded schools, and higher taxes for already financially stressed Americans.

Democrats fight to allow illegal aliens into our country, support sanctuary cities which protect and allow criminal illegal aliens to harm others, and advocate eliminating ICE which enforces our immigration laws.

Some Democrats unjustifiably and irrelevantly claim that illegals commit crimes at a lower rate than Americans; the number of Americans who should be victims of illegal aliens is ZERO!

Democrat support for open borders exacerbates our drug crisis.  Most illegal drugs that kill about 50,000 Americans annually come over the Mexican border.  Only a few pounds of fentanyl, easily carried by an illegal border crosser, can kill thousands.  By denying funds for the border protection needed by the experts, Democrats demonstrate that they don’t care about American drug victims and their families.

Democrat support for illegal aliens makes poor Americans poorer.  Most illegal alien border crossers compete for low skilled jobs with poor Americans, driving down wages and taking jobs.  Illegal alien children bring diseases, disruption, and divert resources from American schoolchildren.

But Democrats don’t care much about poor foreigners either.   Democrat policies entice foreigners to undertake the hazardous journey to attempt to enter the US illegally; most travelers are assaulted, most women are raped (Amnesty International says 60%, Huffington Post reports 80% of Central American women), some are kidnapped for ransom or human trafficking, thousands die, and many poor families take on huge debt to finance the trip.  Yet many, if not most, illegal entry attempts fail and almost all asylum requests by illegal aliens don’t qualify.

An effective barrier on our Southern border would deter most illegal entry attempts, saving lives and hardships for people on both sides of the border.  Hopefully, instead of making the dangerous and often unsuccessful journey, people will work to improve conditions for everyone in their own countries.

Despite the benefits, Democrats refuse to fund the needed border improvements, even for things they voted for before.  The resulting partial government shutdown leaves 800,000 government workers without their paychecks.

While feigning concern about unpaid government workers, Democrats refuse to negotiate.  While President Trump remained available, requested meetings, and presented offers (too generous IMHO), Speaker Pelosi vacationed in Hawaii, vacationed with lobbyists in Puerto Rico, and scheduled a weeklong junket to Europe, Egypt, and Afghanistan.

No matter how many Americans and foreigners suffer, Democrats don’t care; they only care about defeating President Trump.