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We Can’t Balance the Budget But We Can Grow Government

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What will the new House of Representative bring us?

That’s right, and you better believe it. It is called planning to fail. The new U.S. House leadership has big plans for the next two years. More government is better government right? Here’s a preview of what the Democrats intend, besides impeachment hearings, when they take the reins in the House of Representatives next week expect:
1. A push for “Medicare for All”.
2. To hear the word “free” a lot.
3. Many “guarantees”.
4. More of everything “for all”.
5. And a cornucopia of “fairness”.
It will all be lies… but we’re used to having politicians lie to us. We tolerate it. What does that say about us by the way?

The Democrats have prepared an arsenal of big-government bills. Those bills likely will see floor votes once control of the House is transitioned. Come January, proposals like “Medicare for all” and other generous but costly welfare programs that were campaign talking points have a shot at passing the House of Representatives. Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman, D-N.J., told Fox News, “There are dozens of measures like this that have been languishing with Republicans at the helm for years, and I expect to see many of them finally come to the floor under Democratic leadership…” True, the GOP’s has an expanded majority in the Senate. So, it’s appears likely these measures will not make it to the President’s desk.

What’s the real issue?

Their consideration by the House will mark another step in formally considering major government expansions. And the expansions are coming in everything from education to health care. “Medicare for all” and similar proposals now amount to litmus tests for American Socialists. Roll-call votes on any of these issues will reveal just how broad their support is.

The truth is, both parties are responsible for the massive growth of the federal government. Democrats and Republicans each have pushed government programs, each has expanded federal jurisdiction, and each has aggressively usurped more power over the everyday lives of the American people from the states. “Hi, I’m from the government and I’m here to help.” Hang on to your wallet and your freedom ‘cause there ain’t nothin’ good coming your way from that visit… guaranteed.

Isn’t it time to take our country back from the unelected bureaucrats and elected officials who are exceeding their authority by acting outside the U.S. Constitution? Shouldn’t we rein in an out of control activist judiciary. When will it be time to retake spending control from the legislative branch of government which has abdicated its budgetary responsibility? Isn’t it time to depose our elected king and return the executive branch to its proper function and scope of authority?


With an Article V Convention of States, the people and the states can restore our system of government to the Founders’ vision. It would be far better to do this before we reach an unrecoverable economic point. A Convention of States allows us, the American people, the ability to propose constitutional amendments to can change the current direction of government. What is wrong with amendments that would force the feds to once again operate within their constitutional box… no matter the party in charge? What are you going to leave behind for your kids and grandkids, debt and what… taxes??? Where’s the risk?