Saying “Bring Home the Bacon” is Oppressive to “Disadvantaged Groups.”

If milk is the symbol of white supremacy, then bacon is the oppressor of disadvantaged peoples. Meat, the “ancient” cudgel of oppressors. An elitist symbol of ruling class power. A superiority expressed in phrases like “bring home the bacon,” and your “goose is cooked.” Sinister slights wielded by thoughtless elites doing the bidding of the one percent. 

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Social justice “meats” militant veganism.

Historically, the resources required to obtain meat meant it was mainly the preserve of the upper classes, while the peasantry subsisted on a mostly vegetarian diet. As a result, the consumption of meat was associated with dominant power structures in society, its absence from the plate indicating disadvantaged groups, such as women and the poor. To control the supply of meat was to control the people.

Are we at all surprised that the same people obsessed with 19th-century transportation and even older forms of central planning (minus the crown) would think of this? 

Has it occurred to them that their mission will only accomplish the thing they decry?

Let’s Use Class Warfare to Create an Aristocracy

Can we agree that the green vegan army is mostly Democrat Socialist? 

The majority of their policy preferences. Prescriptions if you prefer. Move money and power away from individuals and local government to the national level. This trend has turned the counties around Washington DC into the richest in the nation. Perhaps even the world. Places that are beholden to the money and power of the political elite.

From their royal perch, they do decree how we shall live. What we shall eat. Even whether we shall be left in peace while we eat it. 

They have a multi-billion dollar messaging machine. Media and the liberal tech giants that make Pravda look like a school paper. Talking heads who, themselves, are members of that awful terrible one-percent. Preaching partisan big-government while claiming working-class credibility.

I guess the green vegan army never read that cute little animal story by George Orwell.

When saying kill “two birds with one stone” becomes a hate crime…

Feel free to use to f**k like a comma but don’t you dare use meat in a metaphor. Why? Because it makes the critters sad. And it’s elitist. Use terms like ‘Feed two birds with one scone,’ and what am I “chopped cabbage?”  Because Veganism is on the rise. Or, something.

The increased awareness of vegan issues will filter through our consciousness to produce new modes of expression – after all, there’s more than one way to peel a potato.

Let me know when you’ve converted all the food channels and cooking shows. Because, before that happens millions of jobs held by working-class Americans who can afford the product of their own labor will have to transition. To what? The vegan princesses have yet to explain that part of the plan.

But they promise us it is coming. And it is doomed to fail. Because it doesn’t include bacon.


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