How do Abortion Advocates Who Are Animal Rights Activists React to This? - Granite Grok

How do Abortion Advocates Who Are Animal Rights Activists React to This?


Using anecdotal evidence alone I’m going to guess that there is a significant crossover on the Left among animal rights activists and abortion supporters. Liberals are so hypocritical this has to be true. Humans are animals, but animals are in danger because of humans; so killing human animals in the womb is good for animals.

So what will they make of this?

The Trump Administration just canceled a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) contract that obtained fresh fetal tissue (from abortions) for transplant into rodents to make humanized-mice for medical research.

Terry Jeffrey, writing at reports that,

“Fresh human tissues are required for implantation into severely immune-compromised mice to create chimeric animals that have a human immune system,” the notice said.


“Mice that have human immune systems are an invaluable scientific resource, but these mice are engineered to this condition only by means of the use of human fetal material,” said Harvard.


Where does PETA land on the invasion of the FDA approved mice-people? How will Animal-Rights activists react to the suspension of the program? Are they happy and sad? Will therapists in progressive-coastal bivouacs find their calendars overflowing with cases of bi-polar ideological reality disorder?

Do mice-chimeras agree with Liberals who claim America was never great? Are they happy with their free ‘healthcare?’

What about pro-life folks who support medical research on animals for the ‘betterment’ of human animals?

I suspect they’d still support animal research but not in any circumstance where it supports the abortion industry. This rings true from earlier debates concerning stem cell programs. Adult stem cell lines, fine. Cells obtained from umbilical cords or any natural loss of life (with consent) among the pre-born, fine. Never from abortion.

If they oppose both abortion and animal testing that’s even more consistent. Life is life. Protect it all. They are probably vegans and good for them. They’ll be happy to hear that HHS just shut down (at least one program) in which the FDA funded research into “making mice more human.”