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Really, Chuck Schumer, who COULD be against illegal immigration?

Chuck Schumer

The duplicity of Democrats is, well,….er, I no longer have the words other than to say “they just don’t care”.  It doesn’t matter to them what they did in the past, only what is in the present political moment, and its impact going forward.  They can be both against, for, against, and then again, for a particular person or issue.  There is one, but only one constant – does their stance du jour hour minute second advance their political agenda (in this case, replacing the native American electorate with an “immigrated” one that outright WANTS a bigger Government with more goodies even if they are then dependent on it) further along?

Nothing else matters – nothing at all.  What they have said in the past, their actions in the past, are just waved off as “that was then, this is now” as a deflection away from their  goal and they are masters of the incremental steps – and the Republicans never learn.  The GOP hasn’t figured out that each Democrat step is merely the foundation for two, three, or more in various angles but each already thought out in advance, legislation prepared, talking points assembled, in order to converge on the ultimate landing pad for their ideology.

Like with “open borders” – it doesn’t matter that the Democrat leader of the Senate was against illegal immigration then (it helped their agenda in that time frame):

Or these words.  That’s all they are – words to lubricate an agenda by and with.  Nothing more, nothing less. It doesn’t matter what the principles were behind those words because there isn’t.

Except one: their vision of a dystopian Utopia that they are going to put into place.  Don’t doubt them.

And elected Republicans are sloth-like in opposition.

(H/T: The Blaze, RedState)