Quick Thought: Karen Hewes


From the Union Leader Op-Ed on what we call “Dems hating on Rich Girard” was this gem:

Meanwhile, the student and her parents have a lawyer, who apparently missed the law school class on free speech and the First Amendment.

If Girard doesn’t “immediately stop discussing’’ the student editor on public TV or at any school board meeting, wrote Karen Hewes, a request for “injunctive relief’’ will soon follow.

I’m still waiting for my call to be returned from Karen Hewes from Edlaw in Bedford, NH – if she does call back I’ll have to ask her under what basis she’d be taking Rich to court over correcting Rachel Phelan?  Perhaps I should introduce her to Heather Dietrick (another blustering lawyer).  So what about the rest of us, taking advantage of Hewes invoking the Streisand Effect, talking about this?  Would she sue us?  I have some lawyer friends that would HAPPILY take on this First Amendment issue.  In fact, I’ve already seen the gleam in their eyes.