If this is happening in your place (Louisiana), it’s most likely happening in our place: Medicaid Expansion fraud

That’s right – a take off on what Doug and I used to say all the time on Meet The New Press: “if it’s happening here, it’s happening where you’re at, too” (which was a take off on former US Speaker of the House Tip O’Neal’s maxim “All politics is local”.  So I don’t know who did the deed in Louisiana but we all certainly know who to look at here in NH, eh?

‘Stunning’: 80% using Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion are ineligible, Louisiana report finds

Louisiana’s legislative auditor wanted to know how the state’s expansion of Medicaid under Obamacare was doing, so he picked 100 people who were deemed eligible under the rules. He found that 82 of them made so much money that they shouldn’t have qualified for the benefits they received. Auditor Daryl G. Purpera, who issued his findings last month to little fanfare outside of Louisiana, figured if those statistics hold true for the rest of the expanded Medicaid population in his state, then the losses to ineligible beneficiaries could be as high as $85 million.

And how large is 80% is the NH Medicaid Expansion population?  That would be 40,000 – and millions of wasted and fraudful (to coin a word) money.  “Oh, but it’s not NH money!” exclaim

Jeb Bradley and lackey Joe LaChance, “It’s free money from the Feds!”.

“This is huge. It really is,” he told The Washington Times. “As more and more state auditors realize what this is doing to them, it’s going to come to a point where all 50 of them are going to have to declare they can no longer say the state’s books are accurate. I really do believe that day is coming.”

Louisiana may be an outlier. A federal inspector general’s report this year found 38 out of a sample of 150 Medicaid beneficiaries in California were potentially ineligible. Taken statewide, that would mean more than 350,000 questionable customers.

Outlier?  Those 38 ineligibles is over 25%; certainly not 80% but that’s still outrageous and outlines why many Conservatives get riled up over these programs – because Democrats see this as a feature and not a bug.  After all, it’s not their money that’s being spent – it’s always someone else’s.  As Steve said, that adds up to “Kajillions”.

Whatcha say, Jeb?  How’s YOUR audit doing?

(H/T: Washington Times)